Welcome to the Remote Filipino Worker. Your first resource for a better “buhay digital”. Here, we guide aspiring remote Filipino workers (RFWs) toward the path of a successful, high-paying and stable online career. 

You can use the table of contents below to navigate to any of the sections that will help you answer questions like: “Where do I start as an RFW?”, “What laptop should I get?”, “Is this virtual assistant agency good?”, and other common questions.

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How to Start on Onlinejobs PH for Beginners

To begin your online career on Onlinejobs.ph (OLJ), you need to sign up, update your profile, increase your ID proof, and get hired on the platform. The platform is easy to use for aspiring work from home moms, students, corporate workers, and more. 

You can follow each of the guides below to address a concern you might have about OLJ. They are arranged in order from the start of an online career on OLJ and up to expanding your options to other platforms.

Guides for Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Virtual assistants (VAs) are one of the most popular professions for Filipinos to start their careers online. Beginner VAs can go through a virtual assistant agency for training. 

Alternatively, you can go straight into becoming an independent VA by finding clients on your own using your skills and portfolio. The guides below can help you get started whatever route you want to take.

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Onlinejobs PH Alternatives

Just because you began your career on Onlinejobs.ph, doesn’t mean you have to stay there. There are a huge number of alternative places online where you can find legit high-paying online jobs. You can find remote jobs anywhere from Reddit to Upwork. Check the guides below for Onlinejobs.ph alternatives that you can choose from.

Online Job Ideas for Your Profession

We all have different backgrounds so not every online job will fit our current skills, experiences, and situations. If you need ideas for what online job is possible for you, check out our collection of guides below.

Basic Essentials for Filipino Freelancers (CV, Invoice, etc)

Aspiring remote Filipino workers (RFWs) need to be ready with their documents to secure job opportunities online. When applying for an online job, you must have an appealing resume or CV. To get paid, you have to send out an invoice detailing your work output. 

The guides below will help answer any questions you might have about the basic essentials of being an RFW.

Work from Home Equipment Recommendations

You need the right equipment to do your online job properly. Some work from home equipment, such as computers and internet devices, are essential while others are optional. 

So you don’t spend more than what’s necessary, check out recommendations on work from home laptops, generators, headphones, and other gear using the guides below.

How to Work Online Using Your Mobile Phone

Not everyone has a laptop available for them to begin working online. But you might be surprised to know that you can also use your smartphone to do online jobs. Check the guides below to learn how to begin your online career through a mobile phone.

How to Work from the Beaches in the Philippines

One of the benefits of being a Remote Filipino Worker (RFW) is being able to work anywhere. If you want a break from your daily work lifestyle, working from the beaches in the Philippines is not only possible but also very enjoyable. Check the guides below to learn how you can work from the beach without sacrificing productivity.

The Buhay Digital Lifestyle

The Buhay Digital lifestyle is the new way of living a more balanced life as a Remote Filipino Worker. Check out the articles below on how to balance work and play, save time, and even find new things to do while you are working from home.