Best Online Jobs for Engineers Philippines

Are you an engineer in the Philippines looking for a part-time online job or planning to start your career as a remote worker? While there are many jobs available for aspiring remote Filipino workers, if you really want to use your engineering knowledge and skills, then you have to be selective about the work that you pursue online.

Most online jobs for engineers are related to designing, reviewing, and administrative work. There are also different online jobs for civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers available for each niche.

Check out the list below to get a better idea of what kind of online work for engineers is the best fit for you depending on your specialization.

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A. Best Online Jobs for Civil Engineers

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1. Remote Civil Engineer

Among the online jobs for civil engineers, a remote civil engineer is the closest in scope to regular engineering work. However, unlike an onsite civil engineer, there is a larger focus on administrative and project management work.

Your daily tasks include estimating project costs and takeoffs, coordinating with vendors, conducting structural analysis, managing the budget, and other related work. Most companies prefer civil engineering experience since the tasks are very construction-centered, even if they are administrative.

Requirements: Licensed, Construction Experience Preferred

Variations: Civil Engineer VA, Civil Engineering Project Manager

2. Construction Estimator

Unlike the remote civil engineer, the construction estimator has a narrower scope of work. You will mainly be asked to make cost estimates and takeoffs for your client company’s projects based on the construction standards of their country.

Despite the smaller scope, companies still prefer experienced civil engineers in this line of work because accuracy is very important. A wrong estimate might be the difference between the company making or losing money.

Some companies even prefer knowledge of certain estimating software, such as Bluebeam Revu, OnScreenTakeoff, and Planswift. So, before you apply, make sure you read the job description carefully and upskill as needed.

Requirements: Licensed, Construction Experience Preferred, Knowledge of Estimating Software Preferred

Variations: Cost Estimator, Takeoffs, Remote Takeoff Estimator, Virtual Estimator

3. Civil Works Designer

One of the popular online jobs for civil engineers is civil works design. Here, you are in charge of making blueprints or 3D drawings for civil engineering projects such as bridges, parking lots, and storm drains. Usually, your clients will be looking for proficiency in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or Revit design software.

But for civil engineers in the Philippines, the hardest part of meeting the requirements for this kind of job is knowing the construction codes of your client’s country. As much as possible, try to look for a company that provides training for that. If that’s proving to be difficult, you can always try studying it yourself.

Also, for design jobs like this, most companies prefer a “show, not tell” approach. If you have a portfolio of your civil design work, you’d have a higher chance of landing the job.

Requirements: Licensed, Construction & Design Experience Preferred

Variations: Civil Designer, AutoCAD / Revit Drafter, Civil Design Engineer

B. Best Online Jobs for Electrical Engineers

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1. Remote Electrical Engineer

The job scope of a remote electrical engineer is quite like its traditional counterpart. Comparatively, there’s more design and administrative work but most of the scope is the same.

A typical workday for a remote electrical engineer may include planning the scope of work, designing power and protection systems, calculating load, estimating costs, and writing technical reports.

Companies looking for a remote electrical engineer typically want an experienced professional with at least 3 years of work experience. Since it’s a remote job, they also prefer people who can work independently and communicate effectively.

Requirements: Licensed, Experience Preferred

Variations: Electrical Engineer VA, Electrical Engineering Project Manager

2. Electrical Systems Designer

With the huge number of electrical systems in the world, it comes as no surprise that electrical engineering design is also a plausible online career. There are jobs available for designing batteries, cabling, circuits, and substations, among others.

This is one of the online jobs for electrical engineers where you can choose to be a freelancer, taking on a variety of design jobs, or a remote worker, handling what’s assigned to you by your company. Either way, a strong portfolio of electrical designs will help you find better jobs.

Read the details of each job carefully as some companies may prefer experience in specific design software, such as Revit or PSCAD.

Requirements: Licensed, Experience Preferred

Variations: Electronics Designer, Circuit Designer, Electrical Engineering Design Consultant

C. Best Online Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

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1. Remote Mechanical Engineer

A remote mechanical engineer has similar tasks as an onsite mechanical engineer although with a bigger focus on design and administrative work. So, this is one of the online jobs for mechanical engineers where companies are looking for experience.

Remote mechanical engineers are typically in demand in the following industries: HVAC, manufacturing, and MEP, among others. Your workload may include reviewing mechanical specifications and drawings, preparing equipment selections, conducting heat and load simulations, and more.

3D modeling experience may be preferred, but is not usually required.

Requirements: Licensed, Experience Preferred

Variations: Mechanical Engineer VA, Mechanical Engineering Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer Technical Support

2. Mechanical Engineering Designer

With demand coming from the construction and manufacturing industries, there will always be a way for mechanical engineering designers to start their online careers. Similar to other engineering design jobs, you can do this kind of work as a remote worker or as a freelancer.

A strong portfolio of mechanical designs would increase your chances of getting hired. Make sure to read carefully what design software your target company prefers, whether it may be SolidWorks, Revit, or whichever, and upskill as needed.

The projects you can tackle can be anything from designing HVAC systems to power tools. But remember to always check if the client’s country has different standards than what you are used to designing.

Requirements: Licensed, Experience Preferred

Variations: Mechanical Designer, SolidWorks / Revit Designer, Mechanical Design Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find work from home engineering jobs in the Philippines?

If you want to do remote work for companies operating in the Philippines, you can always try Jobstreet and Monster. But if you want to expand your reach abroad for the opportunity to earn more, you should visit websites like Upwork and You can also find freelance engineering jobs on social media groups on Facebook, Reddit, and more.

Are there online jobs for engineering students or engineering graduates with no experience?

Most remote engineering work will require experience to increase your chances of getting hired. So, if you are still just an engineering student, then you might want to expand your search to jobs outside the engineering field.

You can check out the guide “Best Online Jobs for Students in the Philippines” for ideas on what kinds of work students can do to earn online. Since you are still a student, the online jobs on that list require little experience or investment.

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