14 Work from Home Meal Delivery Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

When your day is full of meetings and deadlines, sometimes you just don’t want the additional burden of preparing your meals.

So, you want quick, no hassle, and ready-to-eat work from home meal delivery options like Jollibee, McDonald’s, or KFC. But getting the usual food all the time can get old fast.

Recommended below are the “not-your-usual” work from home meal delivery options found in Metro Manila and large Philippine cities. They are reasonably priced, so you don’t feel too guilty about ordering them, but still deliciously filling that they will power you through the rest of your workday.

work from home meal delivery philippines 1
Photo by Tai Ngo on Unsplash

*Note: The prices listed below are from the restaurant’s Grab PH listing. They may have changed from when this article was written.

1. Marugame Udon

work from home meal delivery philippines 2 (marugame udon kake udon)
Photo from Marugame Udon’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Regular Kake Udon (Php 120*) + Pork Tonkatsu (Php 85*)

For the unfamiliar, udon is a type of noodle that’s thicker than what you might normally be used to. Marugame Udon has a number of unique udon dishes available from Chicken Paitan to Curry Udon but for this list, we’re recommending the plain Kake Udon.

The Kake Udon has a light broth that’s very refreshing especially when you add chopped spring onions to the soup. Most people also add a lot of bread crumbs but since we are pairing the Kake Udon with a Pork Tonkatsu on the side, you should just add a small amount.

Alternate eating the refreshing Kake Udon and the oily but savory Pork Tonkatsu and you have an excellently balanced work from home meal.  This way, you won’t feel that afternoon drowsiness from eating oily food so you can concentrate on doing your work after a meal.

2. Bonchon

work from home meal delivery philippines 3 (bonchon loaded bibimbowl)
Photo from Bonchon’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Loaded Bibimbowl Ala Carte (Php 183*)

One thing that you almost never get to eat from your normal fast food restaurants is vegetables. Meanwhile, most healthy prepared meal delivery options are too expensive for a normal work day. Bonchon’s Loaded Bibimbowl Ala Carte offers a nice in-between option.

It comes in three flavors: Original, Fiery Spice, or Breakfast. You can also choose what kind of meat you want to add to the bibimbowl – Chicken, Beef, or Seafood.

From our experience though, there’s a bit too much rice included in the meal but if you have a long day of work ahead then it’s not a bad idea to load up on energy.

3. North Park

work from home meal delivery philippines 4 (north park nanking beef wonton)
Photo from North Park’s Facebook

Suggested Order: NS7 Nanking Beef & Wonton (Php 183*)

Sometimes a stressful day at work needs some good old comfort food. North Park’s Nanking Beef & Wonton is a rich, flavorful, and aromatic noodles-in-soup dish that’s a perfect pick-me-up for a bad day.

The noodles, soup, and meat are packaged separately to maintain the quality of the dish when it is delivered to you. In case you can’t eat it immediately, you can just easily reheat the soup in a microwave and the food will be good as new.

The beef is a chewy, sweet chunk of meat with a bit of litid for you tendon lovers out there. To balance it out, the wanton is light and refreshing. For its price, it’s not a bad treat to get you through the rest of the day.

4. Pizza Hut

work from home meal delivery philippines 5 (pizza hut solo meal 2)
Photo from Pizza Hut’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Pizza Hut Solo Meal 2 – Hawaiian Pan Pizza & 1pc Friend Chicken with Rice (Php 259*)

Skipped breakfast due to work? You might want to order the Pizza Hut solo meal 2 for brunch. It comes with a solo-sized Hawaiian pan pizza, 1pc fried chicken, and rice.

That might be a bit too much for just one meal but you can just save what you can’t eat for merienda. This way, you’re back on track for a regular three-meal schedule for the day.

Ideally, you store the pizza since it’s very easy to reheat even on a busy afternoon.

5. Banh Mi Kitchen

work from home meal delivery philippines 6 (banh mi kitchen the classic)
Photo from Banh Mi Kitchen’s Facebook

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese dish that’s very similar to a submarine sandwich except the meat and vegetables are sandwiched in a baguette. It’s a relatively inexpensive healthy prepared meal delivery option that’s delicious and filling.

Banh Mi Kitchen has different sandwich varieties available but you can’t go wrong with “The Classic” for your first try. It contains a nice mix of Vietnamese ham, roast pork, pate, cucumber, cilantro, pickled radish, and carrots.

From our experience, eating this sandwich did not make us sleepy at all and actually helped revitalize our energy for the work ahead. If you find that burgers usually do this to you, then try a banh mi to keep yourself productive.

Work from Home Merienda Delivery Ideas

6. S&R New York Style Pizza

work from home meal delivery philippines 7 (S&R chicken baked roll)
Photo from S&R’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Chicken Baked Roll (Php 152*)

Everyone pretty much knows that S&R New York Style Pizza has cheap but filling pizza slices available but you can only order whole pizzas through delivery apps. Those are great for groups but not for small orders or a quick snack.

So for solo orders, we recommend the chicken baked roll for your next merienda. Encased in soft, chewy bread are baked chicken, gooey cheese, and savory bacon. It has everything that makes pizza delicious minus the tomato sauce. Instead, the chicken baked roll is perfectly complemented by a sour cream dip.

The chicken baked roll is excellent for a quick bite before you get back to work. The size is also pretty generous. Typically, we just eat half a roll for merienda and save the rest for dinner or breakfast the day after.

7. Manam

work from home meal delivery philippines 8 (manam super arroz caldo)
Photo from Manam’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Super Arroz Caldo (Php 195*)

You might be sick of instant noodles as your rainy day merienda, while lugaw is a bit bothersome to cook while you’re busy working at home. For those busy afternoons, try Manam’s Super Arroz Caldo.

It’s chock full of toppings that include eggs, garlic, chicharon, and chicken slices. It’s bound to solve any afternoon cravings you might have.

The best thing about eating hot soup dishes while working on a rainy day is that you can take your time with it. Taking a few sips of the arroz caldo as you type away at your desk is bound to get your work gears grinding.

8. Lola Nena’s

work from home meal delivery philippines 9 (lola nena's siopao tostado)
Photo from Lola Nena’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Siopao Tostado 12 pcs (Php 233*)

If you want a light and easy-to-eat snack, then look no further than Lola Nena’s Siopao Tostado. Each box contains 12 pieces so it’s great for sharing but also for solo orders since you can just eat a few and store the rest. They’re very easy to reheat if you have a toaster or air fryer at home.

Unlike regular siopao, their version is slightly spicy due to the sisig-like filling. Also, you can definitely taste the toasted flavor of the soft and chewy dough in each bite you take.

The size of the siopao is not too big, nor too small. So, it’s an excellent choice for merienda when you’re working from home. You can just eat one and then get back to work. You can always munch on a few more pieces if you feel the hunger pangs later.

Work from Home Meal Delivery Ideas for 2 People

9. Popeyes

work from home meal delivery philippines 10 (popeyes chicken tenders)
Photo from Popeyes’ Facebook

Suggested Order: Chicken Tenders 10 pcs (Php 351*)

Popeyes is an excellent alternative to your usual chicken places. Their chicken tenders are meaty, crunchy, and addictive enough that you could finish off all 10 pieces. Their chicken tenders are delicious by themselves, with gravy, on rice, or even in a sandwich.

For work from home meals for two, you can save some money by cooking rice at home instead of buying it from a restaurant. Lastly, you can get as creative as you want with any leftovers since there are a lot of ways to savor these chicken tenders. You can even put it in a salad.

10. Fish2Go

work from home meal delivery philippines 11 (fish2go grilled boneless bangus)
Photo from Fish2Go’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Grilled Boneless Bangus – Middie Approx 400g (Php 239*)

Sometimes you want to avoid oily and rich foods since they can make you feel drowsy after eating. Being able to focus on your work is key to a productive day while working from home. A light seafood dish should do the trick but it’s not easy to find any reasonably priced seafood dishes available for delivery.

Thankfully, Fish2Go should be able to satisfy any seafood cravings you might have. Their grilled boneless bangus is available in a variety of sizes. The middie size, which weighs approximately 400g, should be enough as a fulfilling meal for two.

11. 24 Chicken

work from home meal delivery philippines 12 (24 chicken half boneless)
Photo from 24 Chicken’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Half Boneless Chicken 7 pieces (Php 288-308*)

After a tiring day at work, cooking dinner may be the last thing on your mind. You just want to relax, eat and have a drink or two.

24 Chicken’s half boneless chicken is perfect for a pair of remote workers who just want to kick back after working from home. You can have it by itself for dinner, but it’s also great with rice or in a sandwich. Of course, it also pairs very well with some ice-cold beer.

Their chicken comes in a variety of flavors. We recommend trying the snow cheese and original flavors by themselves. Meanwhile, the yangnyeom is great when paired with beer or rice. You can also opt to get the Half Half Boneless for Php 562 so you can try out two flavors. Anything left over can be reheated for another meal.

Work from Home Meal Delivery Ideas for 4 or More

12. Tropical Hut

work from home meal delivery philippines 13 (tropical hut 6+1 regular cheeseburger)
Photo from Tropical Hut’s Facebook

Suggested Order: 6+1 Regular Cheeseburger Free (Php 396*)

Tropical Hut may have been around since 1965, but not everyone has tried their food before. So, if you haven’t yet and would like to feed a large group, then now’s a good time to do so.

To be clear, their regular cheeseburger won’t be winning any awards any time soon. But if you want something cheap and can feed a bunch of hungry remote workers, then their 6+1 regular cheeseburger deal is not a bad choice.

What’s great about cheeseburger bundles is everyone can get their share and immediately get back to work, especially on a busy day. You can also try this option for a snack instead of a lunch or dinner meal.

13. Mang Inasal

work from home meal delivery philippines 14 (mang inasal palabok)
Photo from Mang Inasal’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Palabok Family Size (Php 268*) + 4pcs Paa Large Family Size (Php 436*)

Yes, everyone and their lola have probably tried Mang Inasal’s chicken with rice. But their palabok is not to be missed if you haven’t eaten it yet. It has a rich, garlicky flavor that’s very reminiscent of Red Ribbon’s old palabok recipe.

A family-sized order of palabok is good enough for 4 people when paired with a piece of chicken inasal per person. It will fill up the bellies of the people in your group who have a long day of work ahead.

14. Max’s

work from home meal delivery philippines 15 (max's chicken tofu pairing)
Photo from Max’s Facebook

Suggested Order: Chicken & Tofu Pairing (Php 1,000*)

Max’s chicken goes surprisingly well with everything on their menu but especially so with the sizzling tofu dish. You just need to prepare the rice at home and everyone will be happily fed with this beloved Filipino comfort food.

You might have tried this already for dine-in but the experience of eating it at home is not far from the restaurant experience. The combo of the chicken and tofu delivers a meaty and savory goodness that will keep you delighted for the rest of the workday.

A word of warning though, it’s a meal rich in oil so some people may feel a bit sleepy after eating. If that sounds like you, just schedule this for a day with a lighter workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to try cooking a work from home meal but don’t have time to do the shopping myself. Can I get the ingredients delivered instead?

Yes, there are a number of online services that can do grocery shopping for you. Some examples include Grab and MetroMart. But to use these services properly, you have to have an idea of what kinds of work from home meals you want to make.

Typically, you should shop for ingredients that are quick and easy to cook especially if you are busy with work. For some recommendations of what we ourselves cook, please see “10 Easy Work From Home Meal Ideas Philippines”.

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