Best Facebook Groups for Online Job Seekers Philippines

Whatever your opinion is about Facebook, it’s undeniable that it’s still one of the biggest social platforms in the world. You could find almost anything on the platform – including your next online job.

Many people have built Facebook Groups that will help Remote Filipino Workers (RFWs) with their various online job concerns. You can ask questions like “Is this online job legit?” and more experienced RFWs will answer you helpfully.

Listed below are the best Facebook Groups for online job seekers in the Philippines. The list includes local Filipino-made groups and international groups so you can find more opportunities.

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Using Facebook to Find Online Jobs | Photo by Tobias Dziuba

If you want to earn a 6-digit salary as a remote worker in the Philippines, you should aim to network and connect with foreign clients. Facebook Groups are an excellent way to do just that. There are groups for virtual assistants (VAs), writers, developers, and other professions.

1. Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities

According to their page, this group was made to help fellow digital nomads find legitimate remote jobs from around the world. The Facebook Group is managed by which is also a job board that you can check to find online jobs that might suit your skills.


Job Posts: People who are hiring remote workers can freely post in this group so you can find new opportunities frequently. It’s not a bad idea to check back every week or so. Their website is also a job board so if you don’t find any leads in their group, then you can browse their website as well.

2. Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere

Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere is a Facebook Group by Inventive Hub. It’s a group for creatives and entrepreneurs so you’ll be able to learn a lot if you are also in the same field.


Job Posts: The group’s admins have rules regarding posting jobs. Job posts must clearly state the name of the company, the salary, and the details of the job. This will make it easier for people who are looking for an online job to make an informed decision about their applications.

3. Remote & Travel Jobs & Life

The Facebook group, Remote & Travel Jobs & Life, is operated by, a remote work website that matches job seekers with employers. If your dream is to travel the world while working remotely, then this is the community for you. You need to sign up to their website before you can join the group though.


Job Posts: Job posts are on the fewer side since they prefer you to use their website instead. Even so, you can network with other remote workers from around the world. You can use these connections to find leads even without using the website itself.

4. Virtual Assistant Savvies

Virtual Assistant Savvies is a Facebook Group by The Virtual Assistant Savvy, an educational website that teaches you how to start your own VA business from scratch. The group is full of people from all over the world who share tips and success stories for their fellow VAs.


Job Posts: Every once in a while, you can see companies looking for VAs and they usually offer a higher rate than what you’d find locally. Job posts are usually informal since there is no prescribed format in the group. It’s also very competitive since there are people from all over the world, even fellow Filipinos, trying to land a client.

5. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

With over half a million members, Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs is one of the largest entrepreneurial Facebook Groups for women. It’s a great group to network with entrepreneurs from around the world. They also run their own membership program, Stand Out Online, which teaches you how to build your business online.


Job Posts: Job posts don’t come often in this Facebook Group. But there are a lot of women entrepreneurs who might be in need of your expertise. You will need to use your networking and marketing skills to build connections with the group’s members to land a client here.

6. Cult of Copy Job Board

The Cult of Copy job board is just what it sounds like. It’s a job board for people looking for copywriters or copywriters looking for jobs. The group was made by Colin Theriot and the people from Cult of Copy, a website dedicated to helping copywriters grow their skills.


Job Posts: It’s not a bad idea to check the Cult of Copy Job Board every few days since job posts do come in quite regularly. Job posts usually mention a niche that they’d like the copywriter to be familiar with. Prepare a customized portfolio to land that job.

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5 Work from Home Facebook Groups in the Philippines

Many job opportunities can be found on Filipino-made Facebook groups as well. Since these are communities of experienced remote Filipino workers, they are also a valued resource to help you learn what you need to succeed in the online job space.

1. Online Filipino Freelancers

Online Filipino Freelancers, or as its members call it “OFF”, is one of the largest Facebook Groups for remote Filipino workers. The group hosts free webinars for its members and has a very active community sharing stories about life as an RFW.


Job Posts: Probably the best thing about OFF is that the admins enforce a strict format for job posts. Employers must follow the format or their job post will be taken down. It must include the position, salary, and other details. However, due to the high volume of job posts, some posts not following the rules may get through.

2. Filipina Homebased Moms

Probably the premiere Facebook group for moms in the Philippines, Filipina Homebased Moms or FHMoms helps its members find opportunities to earn online. They are not strictly an online job group and also allow online businesses as long as it can be done from home and through the internet.


Job Posts: Rare. There’re more moms in the community sharing stories, asking questions, and helping fellow members. However, you can still connect with fellow women entrepreneurs in this group if you are looking for opportunities to land clients.

3. StartupPH: Jobs

StartupPH: Jobs is a job board Facebook group run by a local startup incubator in the Philippines. There are a lot of tech-based jobs on this job board so if you are just starting out as a developer then it might be a good way for you to begin your career. However, the number of spam posts on the group has been increasing so be cautious.


Job Posts: There’s quite a variety of job posts in this group from finance to tech, and from admin to design. However, not all jobs are remote so make sure to read each description carefully before proceeding with your application.

4. Group

This is the official Facebook group of the remote work job board for Filipinos, If you need advice regarding anything you encounter on the platform, then this is one of the best places for it.


Job Posts: None. Best used when you have problems using the job board website,

5. Freelance Writers Philippines

This Facebook group was made by Filipino freelance writers for fellow writers. If you have a question about earning through doing writing work online, then this is one of the best places to find experienced writers who can help with your questions.


Job Posts: If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, you can get jobs here that pay around the beginner rate. Job posts are required to indicate the salary so don’t apply to anyone not following the rules. Once you build your skills and portfolio, you can move to higher-paying foreign clients.

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4 Tips on How to Use Facebook Groups to Look for Clients

Tip 1: Get Your Portfolio Ready

Applying for jobs on Facebook Groups can get very competitive. There could be more than a few applications on any job post and you have to be able to stand out from the crowd.

You should prepare a portfolio that can easily be viewed by the job poster so you can land the job much more easily. You can do this through any of the free portfolio websites available, such as Pinterest or Carrd, or even by making your own website.

Alternatively, if you already know relevant details about the job. You can customize your portfolio to suit the job posting better. This will increase your chances of getting hired.

Tip 2: Participate in the Community

Not all prospective clients will come from straight-up job posts. You can also find clients by networking and participating in the community. If you can provide value to that community while also promoting yourself and your brand, you’ll be able to stand out and increase your connections organically.

It’s good if you have a website or platform where people come to contact you if they get interested in using your services. You can use one of the free website builders, a digital office like, or even just stick to a Facebook page. What’s important is that you are there when people do decide to search for you.

Tip 3: Search for More Facebook Groups to Join

Didn’t find what you are looking for or a group that matches your profession? There are still thousands of Facebook Groups that you can join to look for more opportunities, but it could take a bit of effort searching.

Use Facebook’s search bar and use keywords related to your profession to expand your network. In the example below, we used the term “virtual assistant” and filtered the results to show only Facebook Groups.

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Tip 4: Go Beyond Facebook

You can start on Facebook but don’t be limited to the confines of the platform. After getting your leads through Facebook Groups, you can do research on the company through their official website, connect with them on LinkedIn, or email them directly. Use every tool you can to communicate with your potential clients.

In fact, after landing your first few clients through Facebook Groups, you can always go beyond the platform. Potential clients are everywhere. The key is knowing where and how to connect with them. Having an optimized profile and portfolio that clearly shows your target market how you can help them will be what gets you that job.

Bonus: If You Really Hate Facebook…

If you really dislike the thought of using Facebook and you would rather use other platforms instead, you can also check out Reddit. Reddit is also an excellent platform to look for remote jobs with clients from outside the Philippines.

However, navigating Reddit can be a bit difficult if you are new to the platform. You can check the guide “How to Find Remote Jobs on Reddit: 8 Step Guide” to help you as you are starting out.

Also, there’s a subreddit or community for Filipinos who are looking to earn a livelihood online called r/buhaydigital on Reddit as well. If you need any help on your journey to become a successful RFW, then feel free to ask the people in that Reddit community.

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