Where To Find 2–4 Hours Part Time Job Philippines

There are many paths toward reaching a fulfilling and well-paying online career. Becoming a successful Remote Filipino Worker takes a lot of trial and error. For some, reaching a six-digit salary only took them a few months of grinding, and for some years.

What all of these paths have in common is a starting point, and oftentimes, you’ll have to start small. 

Here are a few of our recommendations of where to find 2 – 4 hours part time job to help you get started on your journey as a Remote Filipino Worker.

Where To Find 2–4 Hours Part Time Job Philippines 0
Where To Find 2–4 Hours Part Time Job Philippines 1

Expected Earnings Per Hour:

$2.5+ per hour, depending on your speed and efficiency.


Minimal risk

Minimal commitment required

Steady source of income


Limited upward mobility and career growth opportunities

ABP, or Appen Butler Hill, is an Australian data company that collects and labels images, speech and videos to improve artificial intelligence technology. 

They hire people from around the world with different backgrounds to participate in a number of work-from-home opportunities such as search media evaluation, translation services, video annotation and more.

Majority of the jobs on Appen have no fixed work hours or schedules. You have the flexibility to choose how much and how long you would like to work.

The payment structure can either be per task or per project, depending on what is stated in the specific job description of the project you’ll be applying to.

The pay rates and potential earnings you can get will depend on what kinds of tasks you’ll be doing and how many you can successfully finish. To give you a baseline, you can expect to earn around $2.5 per hour on the lower end of the spectrum.

Where To Find 2–4 Hours Part Time Job Philippines 2

Expected Earnings Per Hour:

$1.5-2.5++ per hour, depending on your speed and efficiency.


Minimal risk

Minimal commitment required


limited upward mobility and career growth opportunities

You need to work fast and hard for relatively low returns

Remote tasks is a machine learning focused company that outsources small tasks that are necessary to improve AI to freelancers. Because of the nature of the job, most of the tasks are very routinary. 

To give you a better idea of what to expect, a common task you’ll likely come across would be image labelling and identification. Here, you will be asked to look at an image and properly identify the object seen in the picture. 

It may sound very basic, but it’s these tasks that help AI properly identify an object when they see one. It’s very much like teaching a toddler shapes, images and objects.

As you might expect, most of these tasks will only eat up a few minutes of your time, which also means that you really can’t expect to earn too much from this. It’s a job that’s best done if you have spare time on the side or if you’re in between jobs. 

3. Reddit

Where To Find 2–4 Hours Part Time Job Philippines 3

Expected Earnings Per Hour:

Highly variable depending on the task and client

Recommended to target jobs paying $3+ per hour


High potential earnings

Can be used as a starting point to build your work portfolio & career


Unpredictable if you can find a job

You can get scammed if you’re not careful

Reddit is a social media site much like Facebook where like-minded people can discuss their common interests. Though the main thrust of Reddit is to cultivate discussions amongst community members, there are a number of subreddit groups that are dedicated to job hunters and job posters.

Reddit is a much wider scope than any of the previously mentioned options. Unlike Appen or Remotetasks, Reddit does not employ freelancers directly to work for them. You will have to find a subreddit where clients and employers advertise their job requirements and you can apply to them directly,

One of the biggest and most popular subreddits is r/slavelabour. As the name suggests, most the job listings posted by clients will not pay well. Most of them will be looking for cheap labor for easy quick fixes and short-term projects.

This is a great opportunity for either beginners or those with limited time on their hands to provide their services without expecting much. If you’re lucky, you can turn some of these one-time deals into long-term employment opportunities.

At the very least, it’s a good way to earn a quick buck and build your work portfolio for future employment opportunities.

Aside from r/slavelabour, you might want to check out how to find remote jobs through Reddit for more details.

Where To Find 2–4 Hours Part Time Job Philippines 4

Expected Earnings Per Hour:

P85 – P2,500++ per hour.

Highly variable, you set your own price

Gigant takes a 15% commission rate


High potential earnings

Can be used as a starting point to build your work portfolio & career


Website is still in its early stages of development

Currently few users/clients use the website

Gigant is digital marketplace for consultants where they can provide their services to clients from anywhere around the world through video calls. It’s an ideal platform for teachers, tutors, lawyers, accountants, business consultants, and even some VAs who can provide live video-based consultation services.

The platform provides you with a digital office where potential clients can book a paid appointment with you based on your preferred schedule and payment rate. 

To help you get clients on the platform, you are given a free digital business card which you can share through social media to existing clients or within your networks to find more potential customers.

All transactions and video calls through the platform are facilitated by the website to ensure that you always get paid for your time, as long as you showed up for your appointment. Clients also get the opportunity to rate you and leave a review after the appointment so that you get to build a reputation and a career on the website.

The platform with all of its services are free to use but you are charged a 15% commission fee for successful appointments that pushed through and got paid by your clients. 

It’s still in its early stage of development but it does show promise for Remote Filipino Workers who are keen to start a digital consultancy career.


Where To Find 2–4 Hours Part Time Job Philippines 5

Expected Earnings Per Hour:

$1.5-2.5++ per hour, depending on your speed and efficiency.

Fiverr takes a 20% commission rate


Unlimited earning potential

Can be used as a starting point to build your work portfolio & career


Website is crowded and highly competitive

Fiverr is job marketplace for freelancers where anyone from around the world can post their services in the form of listings and get hired by clients. 

It allows you the utmost flexibility in terms of schedule and payment. You only offer services that you’d like to offer and accept jobs that you’d like to do. This means that you can create a listing for a service that will only take less than an hour per project to finish and charge however much you want.

This opens up almost endless possibilities in terms of flexibility, career development, and your ability to earn. 

As appealing as this may sound, the difficulty of using Fiverr as a Remote Filipino Worker is that you’ll be competing against freelancers from all of the world. Some of them will likely have more experience or skills than you do, while a lot of them can offer the same service as what you’ll offer but at a much lower rate.

You will also have to consider that Fiverr always takes a 20% cut of your earnings. This percentage ‘fee’ is a charge that remains constant regardless of your platform experience or seller level.

In other words, you will have to offer highly-differentiated and good quality services at competitive prices. This is not a small task to take on as a beginner, but it is still possibly a worthwhile endeavor if you’re up to it. 

Summary Recommendations

These recommendations are meant to be used as a starting point so that you can dip your feet in the remote-work scene with generally minimal risk.

These job sites offer enough flexibility as a side hustle that you can do while you work as a full-time employee or student. The sites will differ in what they can provide you but they’re all generally good for beginners. 

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