Free ChatGPT Resume Template: How to Land a Job Using AI

If applying for jobs is like a dating app, then your resume is your profile picture. It’s what determines your employer’s first impression of you, and can make or break your application.

So why not use all the tools you can to improve your resume and job application? AI tools like ChatGPT are very useful for upgrading your resume towards the best practices in applying for jobs.

That’s why we’ve made a free ChatGPT resume template that captures the essence of your strengths. Not only that, this template also uses AI for interview preparation and messaging clients – making it the complete package. It’s an AI tool that can get you from writing a resume to landing a job.

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Reason 1: A Better Way to Translate Your Skills & Experience into Resume Format

If you’ve ever applied for a job before, you’ve probably experienced the process outlined below:

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And if you fail at any part of the process, your whole job application goes down the drain. That’s a lot of time and effort wasted, not to mention the heartache.

And so, funnily enough, from my experience with other resume builders online, they miss the mark on the very first part of the job application process: Translating the ‘YOU’, that is your skills and experience, into RESUME format.

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In my opinion, this is the most important step of the process and the one most often missed. It’s not easy to bring out your experience and skills and turn them into written form.

Not everyone is able to communicate themselves well in resume format. After all, resume writing is a different skill altogether that’s not even necessarily related to your field of expertise.

If you’ve applied for months without any progress, then this might be what you’re missing. And using ChatGPT for resume preparation through the RFW Job Excelerator can help you with that.

So, whether you’re applying for a job in the same field or transitioning to a remote job like a virtual assistant, the RFW Job Excelerator can highlight the relevant transferable skills and experience necessary to land that job.

Reason 2: Easier to Customize Your Resume for Every Job Application

Place yourself in the shoes of the hiring party. Today, you need to go through possibly hundreds of resumes from job applicants. Isn’t it very realistic to assume that some details can be overlooked if they aren’t at the forefront of the resume?

So, as a job applicant, you have to send applications under this assumption. You have to put all details relevant to the job at the forefront of your application. This can be very time-consuming to do.

But with the RFW Job Excelerator, each template can be customized based on the job description. So, this makes it easier for you time and effort-wise to make more targeted applications.

Reason 3: Following the Job Application Best Practices Is Much Simpler

Unlike other free resume builders where you have to research and incorporate the resume best practices in your writing and format, here all you have to do is answer a questionnaire, copy and paste AI instructions, and copy the output back to the Job Excelerator.

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Here are some of the best practices incorporated in the RFW Job Excelerator:

Free ChatGPT Resume Template: The RFW Job Excelerator

Before reading the rest of this article, it’s recommended to download the free ChatGPT resume template, the RFW Job Excelerator. Downloading the template beforehand will be more efficient since you can start creating your resume and interview guide while following along.

The RFW Job Excelerator is an Excel (.xlsx) file that is around 3MB in size.  It contains self-contained instructions, a questionnaire, AI prompts for resumes, messages, and job interviews, as well as, ready-made resume templates.

You don’t need to download any other shady apps to get it to work. As long as you have a modern version of Excel and have access to ChatGPT 3.5 (which is free by the way), then you’re good to go.

We tried to make the RFW Job Excelerator as easy to follow as possible, even without a guide, but feel free to share your feedback with us at

On the download page, enter the amount you want to pay. Put zero (0) as the amount to download the RFW Job Excelerator for free.

If you do land a job using this free ChatGPT resume template and interview helper, we hope you can support us eventually once things are a bit more stable financially. We spent hundreds of hours making this tool so that your resume incorporates most of the known best practices in the business and your support will allow us to continue developing useful tools and guides like this for everyone.

How to Use the RFW Job Excelerator - Free ChatGPT Resume Tempalte

Step 1: Open the RFW Job Excelerator & Enable Editing

Once you open the file on Excel or your spreadsheet software, you will see the message that the file is in protected view. Just click the button ‘Enable Editing’ and you’re good to go.

free chatgpt resume template 4

On the very first sheet, you can see an outline of the steps and features of the tool. You just need to follow along.

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Step 2: Answer the Career Questionnaire

Answering the questionnaire is where all the information that the AI will use for your resume and interview helper will come from. So, it’s very important to take the time to answer each question in detail.

That’s why you begin this two-part process with ‘Shifting Your Mindset’.

free chatgpt resume template 6

What’s a good mindset for answering the questionnaire? As long as you are focused and comfortable, you can share the details about your career however you want.

free chatgpt resume template 7

In the questionnaire itself, you just need to answer all the required sections and skip any that don’t apply to you. For example, if you only have two (2) work experience, you can simply skip Work Experience 3-5.

Just remember when answering the questions to avoid sharing anything personal or confidential as this information will be fed to ChatGPT. Any input given to ChatGPT can influence how they respond to future queries from other users. While most information you provide will probably have little risk, it’s better to be careful.

Step 3: Make a Copy of the File & Input the Job Details

When applying for multiple job openings, this is the BEST TIME TO MAKE A COPY OF THE FILE.

This will make it easy for you to change the job description without affecting your previous answers to the questionnaire.

After finishing the questionnaire, you’ll be asked to share information about the job you are applying for. This is important for customizing your resume and recommending answers for the job interview.

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Step 4: Copy & Paste Pre-Made ChatGPT Resume Prompts

This is where the magic begins!

In this section, we’ve made the ChatGPT resume prompts that will take what you’ve shared in the questionnaire and turn it into the ‘best practices’ format. So, you don’t have to worry about crafting your own. All you need to do is to copy and paste these prompts into ChatGPT.

free chatgpt resume template 9

These ChatGPT resume prompts will give you output that looks something like this:

free chatgpt resume template 10

In the example above, the output is based on the Google/Amazon XYZ format for creating resume bullet points. The other prompts have different kinds of outputs depending on their purpose in the job application.

But regardless, ChatGPT has now turned your questionnaire answers into a ‘best practice’ format. You just need to copy your chosen outputs back into the template:

free chatgpt resume template 11

Once you paste them back into your Excel file, you are free to edit them as needed. You can even try the same prompt multiple times until you get an output that you really like.

Of course, if you have another resume template that you want to use, you can just copy the output directly to your template.

Step 5: Enter Your Personal Information, and Your Resume Is Now Ready!

free chatgpt resume template 12

To finish your resume, you just need to enter your personal information (Name, Email, Education, etc.). You’ll notice that we put this step after all the ChatGPT stuff to avoid any accidental personal information being leaked to the AI.

free chatgpt resume template 13

After entering your information, you just need to choose the template that fits you best.

And just like magic, you now have a fully functional ChatGPT resume template that you can print or convert into a .pdf file using the Print to PDF feature.

free chatgpt resume template 14

Step 6: Customize Your Application Emails or Messages with AI

After saving your ChatGPT resume prompt template, you now have to get in touch with the hiring party. In communicating with them, it’s important to craft a customized message for your application to stand out. This is where the ‘Message with AI’ section can help you out.

free chatgpt resume template 15

This part of the tool can help you craft a custom email, message, or cover letter that you can send when applying for jobs online. But remember that the AI output only serves as a base and nothing beats adding your personal human touch to the message.

Note that sending your message is the last part of the step you can do right now since you have to wait for a response before you prepare for the job interview.

After sending your message, you can now move on to another job application if you wish. If you followed the steps in this guide, you should have a copy of the Job Excelerator where you’ve already finished the questionnaire.

Make another copy of that file so you always have one in reserve. And then repeat steps 3 to 6 for your next job application.

Step 7: Using AI for Interview Help

If one of your job applications is successful, you should get a response about the next steps required for your application to proceed. In most cases, this usually means undergoing a job interview.

free chatgpt resume template 16

And so, last but not least, we’ve come to the ‘Excelerate Your Interview’ part of the RFW Job Excelerator. This uses AI for interview answers based on what you’ve shared in the questionnaire and the job description.

The role of this part of the tool is to help you create a structure on how best to answer common interview questions like ‘Tell me about yourself’, ‘Why should we hire you’, and ‘What are your strengths’, among others.

The output from the AI isn’t something you memorize. You just need to understand it so you can frame your answer properly during the actual job interview.

As an introvert myself, I’ve found it especially useful. But of course, the value that the free AI for interview preparation provides can be useful for anyone.

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Can ChatGPT Actually Write an Awesome Resume for Me?

Right now, I would say that using ChatGPT on its own is not enough to write a resume that will work in the real world. This is especially true for ChatGPT beginners who are not familiar with how to construct effective instructions for the AI, or AI prompts as they are called.

But with the RFW Job Excelerator you don’t need to worry about making your own ChatGPT resume prompts. You just need to answer a questionnaire, copy and paste pre-made instructions to ChatGPT, and copy and paste the output back to the template. That’s all. Nothing too technical.

Is Using AI like ChatGPT to Create Resumes Considered Cheating?

The RFW Job Excelerator is designed to turn your answers to the career questionnaire into the ‘best practice’ format. It is not designed to fabricate your experience, skills, or credentials in any way.

The AI may very rarely have incorrect outputs. It is after all, still an emerging technology. But you can easily correct any incorrect outputs by using the AI prompt again or manually rewriting the erroneous parts.

Are there any 100% completely free AI resume builders?

The RFW Job Excelerator is a 100% completely free AI resume builder. Not only does it help you with your resumes, but it also doubles as free AI for interview preparation and client/employer messaging.

We host the product on Kofi and by entering zero (0) as the amount you pay, you can get it for free. Kofi will also ask for your email but no other information is required from you.

If the RFW Job Excelerator can help you get a job, we would absolutely love and appreciate it if you could circle back and show us some support. We spent hundreds of hours in making this tool and your support will help us continue updating it for everyone.

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