Best Power Banks for Laptops Philippines

Laptops are excellent devices for whenever you need to bring your work with you. But even the most modern laptops can run out of battery power when used for extended periods of time. And that’s where the best power banks for laptops come in.

Whether it’s for working while you travel or for emergency backup power at home, power banks for laptops are useful equipment that will ensure you can do your job on time. But not all laptop power banks are created equal.

In this article, we’ll list the best power banks for laptops available in the Philippines. And taking into consideration their price, capacity, and portability, help you decide on which one is the right fit for you.

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Laptop power banks and power stations serve the same function, and that is simply, providing backup energy for your devices. So, the difference between the two is actually pretty blurry.

In fact, some manufacturers call all of their larger power banks immediately as power stations. But there are some small differences between them, namely:

  • Laptop power banks are smaller than power stations, and only a bit larger than power banks for phones. So, power banks for laptops are much easier to bring with you when you travel.
  • Power banks for laptops usually start from a rated power of 50W which is good enough for light activities. Meanwhile, power stations start from around 200W which can cover pretty much any laptop activity.
  • Because they are bigger, power stations potentially have much larger capacities compared to power banks for laptops.
  • Power stations usually have more sockets so you can plug in more devices (and appliances as needed). Laptop power banks are dedicated to your computer, but some do have extra sockets for your other small devices.

The best use of power banks for laptops is when you work outside your home or office for long periods of time. They are also excellent sources of backup power when traveling internationally.

Generally, we recommended power stations for in-home usage, especially as a way to work during power outages. They can also be used when you travel, but mostly only for local trips.

Choosing the Best Laptop Power Bank for You

You are probably familiar already with power banks for smartphones. Laptop power banks are generally the same except they have larger capacities and a socket for your laptop’s charger.

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing the best power bank for laptops that match your needs:

a) Wattage or Rated Power

Wattage (W) or rated power determines if your power bank can actually charge laptops. Laptops require a higher wattage than phones, usually at around 35W to 200W.

Before you buy a laptop power bank, make sure it clearly says that it can charge laptops. Better yet, check the reviews and see if people actually made it work using their computers.

Lastly, some activities on your laptop can consume more power. For example, video editing is very taxing on your laptop. If that’s the kind of work that you do, then it is recommended to choose a laptop power bank with a higher rated power.  

b) Battery Capacity

Knowing a power station’s battery capacity in mAh or Wh is crucial as it reveals how much energy it can hold. Typically, laptops have a battery capacity of 2,000 to 8,000 mAh. If you are unsure, just check your device’s specs.

Let’s take a laptop power bank with a 20,000 mAh battery capacity as an example. With this device, you can charge your laptop entirely and still have enough power for a second recharge, if needed.

c) Type & Quantity of Sockets

Next, you should check the types of sockets available in the laptop power bank that you are eyeing. Normally, there should be at least one socket that matches your laptop’s plug.

However, there are laptop power banks that can charge your device via a USB port. If you are uncertain, make sure to read the product’s description very carefully.

If you plan to use the power bank to charge multiple devices at once, then choose a power bank with multiple USB sockets available. Note that there are different types of USB sockets, so it’s crucial to have one that is compatible with the specific device you are using.

d) Portability

As the laptop power bank’s capacity becomes larger, so does its size. You have to balance your power and portability needs according to how you work when you travel.

Most of the best power banks for laptops have sizes that can still fit snuggly in your laptop bag. But the bigger ones may not allow room for anything else that you might need.

5 Best Power Banks for Laptops Available in the Philippines

1) Bavin PC036

best power banks for laptops philippines 2 (Bavin PC036)

Best for: Short Trips or Power Outages

Rated power: 65W

Battery capacity: 20,000mAh

Sockets: 1 USB, 1 USB Type-C

Price: On Sale from ₱1,875 from Bavin’s Official Lazada Store

No need for unnecessary fluff. The Bavin PC036 is one of the best power banks for laptops when you just want to get the job done. At 65W, it can power most laptops through less power-intensive work activities. These include anything from administrative work to video calls.

Online writers, virtual assistants, and most remote workers would be content with this model. At 20,000mAh, you also have enough power to fully charge your laptop at least twice.

Take note that it doesn’t have an AC socket though. Your device has to be compatible with USB Type-C charging otherwise it won’t work for your laptop.

It’s pretty light and compact too. At just 427g, you can pretty much take it anywhere.

2) Romoss PPD20

best power banks for laptops philippines 3 (Romoss PPD20)

Best for: Low power usage and accurate battery display

Rated power: 50W

Battery capacity: 20,000mAh

Sockets: 2 USB, 1 USB Type-C

Price: On Sale from ₱2,759 from Romoss’s Official Lazada and Shopee Stores

The Romoss PPD20 has similar specs to the Bavin PC036 and is a decent alternative if it’s not available. It has the same use cases – being quick trips and short power outages.

The Romoss PPD20 is more expensive though. You’re paying extra for an accurate LED display of how much power you have left on your laptop power bank. Also, you get an extra USB socket.

Depending on how you plan to use your laptop power bank, these extra features can be worth the price. However, if these extras are not essential to your needs, then the Bavin PC036 may be a more cost-effective option.

3) Baseus Blade 100W

best power banks for laptops philippines 4 (Baseus Blade 100W)

Best for: Portable laptop power bank for moderate-power activities

Rated power: 100W

Battery capacity: 20,000mAh

Sockets: 2 USB, 1 USB Type-C1, 1 USB Type-C2

Price: On Sale from ₱3,699 from Baseus’s Official Lazada Store

Specially designed for laptops, the Baseus Blade 100W has a sleek and compact design that’s perfect to be slotted into your laptop bag. The 100W rated power means that you don’t have to worry too much about what kind of work activities you are doing. This laptop power bank can handle most moderate-power consumption types of activities.

It also has 4 sockets available. Two USB Type-C sockets for your laptop and newer model smartphones. Also, an additional two USB sockets for devices such as a pocket WiFi.

And like the Romoss PPD20, the Baseus Blade 100W has an accurate LED display that shows how much power is left in the power bank. This is helpful in keeping track of the available power and ensuring that you don’t run out of power unexpectedly.

4) Yoobao EN1

best power banks for laptops philippines 5 (yoobao en1)

Best for: Extended work hours, high-power activities, and multiple devices

Rated power: 150W

Battery capacity: 46200mAh

Sockets: 1 AC, 3 USB, 1 USB Type-C

Price: From ₱4,799 from Yoobao’s Official Lazada Store

At this point in the list of the best power banks for laptops in the Philippines, the line between power banks and power stations is getting a bit blurry. Yoobao’s EN1 is larger than the previous laptop power banks in this list, but still portable enough to be considered.

At 150W, it has enough rated power for most activities you can do on your laptop. Even power-consuming activities like gaming and video editing. And with 46,200mAh you can be a bit wasteful with your battery by having some entertainment on the side.

It also has a flexible amount of sockets available. There’s 1 AC socket for your laptop and up to 4 USB sockets that you can use for your phone, pocket WiFi, and other necessary devices.

With this much battery capacity, you can also comfortably travel and work without being too worried about losing power when you need it. Even for work-from-home use, you can rely on the Yoobao EN1 for extended power outages.

5) Jiditech 220V 200W Power Station

best power banks for laptops philippines 6 (Jiditech 220V 200W Power Station)

Best for: Video editing, gaming, and other high-power activities.

Rated power: 200W

Battery capacity: 68000mAh

Sockets: 1 AC, 2 USB

Price: From ₱3,999 from Jiditech’s Official Lazada Store

And last on our list is the Jiditech 220V 200W Power Station. While already called a power station, it’s still compact enough to be deemed a power bank for laptops. At 200W, you have zero worries about whatever work activity you need to do. This one can handle it all.

But unlike the Yoobao EN1, it has a limited amount of sockets. With only 1 AC and 2 USBs, you have to plan carefully what you plug into it. Also, it doesn’t have any Type-C ports so some smartphone chargers may not be compatible with this device.

But it’s also cheaper than the Yoobao EN1. As long as you know that this device has all the features that you need, then it might be the more budget-friendly option for a power-hungry user.

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