5 Options for Work From Home With No Interview Required

Aspiring remote workers have different reasons why they just prefer to work from home.  Some want to avoid transportation costs and the hassle of the commute. While some enjoy being able to balance work with their personal life. It could even be all of the above.

But landing an online job isn’t a walk in the park, especially those jobs that require you to take an interview before getting hired. The interview process can not only be time-consuming but also anxiety-inducing as well. Even highly qualified people may not perform well in interviews.

Whatever the reason, you should know that there are options for work from home with no interview required. Listed below are ideas on what kind of work you can expect with no interview jobs, as well as, where to find job opportunities.

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Yes, there are numerous work-from-home jobs with no interview required available on the internet. They can be found on job marketplaces, social media, forums, and company websites. However, don’t expect these jobs to be traditional ones.

Employers and clients who are okay without interviewing their prospective remote worker usually adopt a “show, not tell” approach when screening applicants. Meaning, they want someone who can deliver the results they desire.

In place of an interview, usually, these no interview remote jobs use a different screening process to look for qualified candidates.

For repetitive task-based jobs, they might give you a test to check if you are able to handle the work. For creative jobs, like video editing and writing, they might look for a portfolio for samples of what you can do.

These no interview jobs usually don’t rely on teamwork as well. As long as you can deliver the results they need when they need it, then they will be happy to work with you.

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Where to Find Work From Home No Interview Jobs

1) Reddit

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Reddit is a social media site much like Facebook groups. The main difference between the two social media sites is that Reddit focuses on promoting discussions about specific topics of interest amongst a group of anonymous people from around the world. 

Because of the diverse pool of topics you can find on Reddit, there are several subreddit groups that focus on online job opportunities, including those for beginners and for the more experienced.

One of the most popular subreddit groups you’ll likely find as a beginner is r/slavelabour. You can expect to find relatively low paying jobs that are ideal for beginners, hobbyists, and part-time freelancers. 

A number of these kinds of jobs will not need any kind of interview process. As long as you can prove to your client that you’re capable of accomplishing the task that they need done, you can get hired regardless of educational background, age, or gender.

For the more experienced freelancer or professional, you may also want to look into r/HireaWriter if you’re into writing or r/forhire for more general options. Either subreddit will have more opportunities for higher paying jobs and potentially longer contracts.

The advantage of getting jobs from Reddit is that you can use the work experience you’ve gained through working with clients here to build your personal portfolio so that you can get even more job opportunities in the future.

You can also check out our guide here for a more in-depth guide on how to find remote jobs on reddit. That article also has a few more recommended subreddit groups for even more job opportunities.

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Fiverr is the world’s largest job marketplace where freelancers from all around the world can post their services and get hired at their rates and terms. As long as you can provide a service that can be done online, you can likely sell the service here. 

There is no need to go through an interview process to have your Fiverr account and listings approved and published. There is also no interview process for getting hired by potential clients. If your potential client sees that your listing, reputation, service description and price are all ok, you can get hired on the spot without having to talk to anyone face-to-face.

Because there is no formal interview process for getting screened by clients, the challenge is to create a listing and profile that will stand out amongst the vast competition. 

Regardless, there is a lot of potential to creating and building a Fiverr account. The competition is extremely stiff as you’ll be against freelancers from all around the world who can probably provide a similar service and maybe even at a better rate. If you do somehow are able to carve your own niche, you have essentially unlimited earning potential on Fiverr.

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Appen, formerly known as Appen Butler Hill,  is an Australian data collection company that improves machine learning and artificial intelligence based technologies. They do this by collecting data from thousands of human interactions and responses from around the world through the freelancers that they hire, this is where you come in.

Appen hires freelancers to do simple tasks which they can use to help AI-based technologies to get better at what they do. Examples of these tasks include image labeling, reviewing search engine results, and transcribing audio clips.

Most of these jobs do not require you to get interviewed. Instead, you will often be given materials to study, including practical examples of real work scenarios. You will be then tested to see how much you are capable of actually accomplishing these tasks. If you pass, then you’ll likely get hired.

The amount you earn will vary depending on the nature of the task/project and how many hours you put in. You will be notified by Appen how much each task/project will pay. 

4) Remotasks

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Remotasks works very similarly to Appen. They offer task-based work for freelancers from around the globe. The tasks are often very straightforward and simple.

Much like Appen, the goal of these tasks are often to train and improve AI-based technology to act more human-like. As such, you can expect to do much of the same kind of work, such as image recognition and labeling.

Getting hired will also work very similarly to Appen. You will be given a few materials to study per kind of task, and then you will be test to see if you can apply the concepts you learned in real case scenarios. Once you pass their tests, you should be eligible to work for them.

The pay structure will also depend on how many tasks you can accomplish, meaning the faster you can finish the work, the more you can do, the more you can earn.

5) Facebook Groups

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Facebook Groups is another excellent social media platform for finding jobs where you can work from home with no interview required. Many businesses and individuals post job opportunities in Facebook groups related to their industry or niche. These jobs can range from freelance work to full-time positions, and they often don’t require traditional interviews.

There are two kinds of Facebook Groups you can look for. First, are the broad “Remote Work” groups, like Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere, where businesses make job posts with no restrictions. If you don’t have a niche in mind, these groups will help you get a better idea of what kind of work is available.

Next are “Niche” groups. By joining relevant Facebook groups and actively engaging with the community, you can find opportunities that match your skills and interests. For example, the Cult of Copy group was made for copywriters as a place to connect with potential clients.

For a longer list of online job groups, please see “Best Facebook Groups for Online Job Seekers.”

But don’t forget your due diligence. It’s possible to come across a fraudulent job post anywhere, especially in public groups. However, with a little effort and caution, Facebook groups can be a valuable resource for finding online jobs that suit your current situation.

11 Job Ideas Where You Can Work from Home with No Interview Required

It’s important to learn which kinds of jobs are available for people who want to work from home but don’t want to undergo the interview process. This way, you know what no interview online jobs best match your existing skills. Also, it will make it easier for you to find these jobs as search terms on job marketplaces.

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1) Freelance Writer

Basically, a freelance writer makes written content for publications (magazines or newspapers) or the internet (blogs, emails, newsletters, etc.). It’s one of those jobs where your portfolio matters more than an interview to the client. They want to see if your work matches their style and requirements.

2. Transcriptionist

This work involves transcribing audio or video recordings into written documents. You might encounter a test instead of an interview for these kinds of jobs. But with the advent of powerful auto-transcription AI, it’s not as in demand anymore unless you have a specialization such as medical transcription or non-English transcription.

3. Social Media Content Creation

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are all popular channels to grow a business. But most small business owners don’t have the time to create content consistently for all of the social media accounts they have. For most employers, a portfolio of your work should be enough. But some may still require an interview.

4. Video Editing

With so many content creators around these days, there’s definitely demand for a pro who can edit video footage that helps them tell a compelling story or delivers a specific message. This is one of those jobs where samples tell more than an interview. So, if you don’t have a portfolio yet, you can start making sample videos now.

5. Translation

Despite the popularity of translation tools and AI, they are just not that accurate yet. So, translation services are still in demand. If you are adept in two or more languages, then this may be the job for you. For no interview work, you might want to look for YouTubers, bloggers, or publications who want to tap a multicultural audience.

6. Data Entry

Data entry typically involves typing, copy+pasting, or uploading text, images, or videos into a computer system or database. It’s easy but repetitive work that most people can do. You’ll probably be faced with a test instead of an interview. But note that there are a lot of scams where they trick you into doing free work. So, only choose reputable companies with this line of work.

7. Chatter

Remote workers who interact with a business or content creator’s community through a chat program, such as Messenger, Discord, or Telegram, are known as chatters. Note that some of these jobs may be in more sensitive industries, like gambling and pornography. Nevertheless, they don’t usually do interviews and more often than not just check your chatting skills.

8. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another one of those jobs where your work speaks for you. It’s all about creating visual designs, such as logos, websites, or marketing materials, that match the client’s needs. You can probably skip the interview here, but the client might still want to discuss with you about the project’s vision.

9. Email Copywriting

This is a type of writing that’s a bit more specialized than usual. You need to have the ability to understand what would persuade people to read an email and do an intended action. Here, it’s important to show your work and the numbers. It’s not for beginners and an excellent portfolio will do the talking for you.

10. Online Research

This job involves doing research, organizing data, and sometimes providing analysis using only online resources. Every potential client or employer here may have different requirements. You can most likely expect a practical exam instead of an interview.

11. Odd Jobs

There are much more no interview online jobs available, and some of them can only be classified as odd jobs. These odd jobs are typically monotonous work that can’t be automated and require a human touch. Things like writing snippets, identifying what’s in a photo, tagging geolocations, or even training AI. They’ll probably just give you a simple practical exam. And as long as your score is good, then you can typically start quickly.

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Important Tips for No Interview Remote Jobs

Protect Yourself from Online Scams

One of the many distinct advantages of going through a formal employer such as Remotasks and Appen is that they’re both companies that have a track record of paying their remote workers. This pretty much guarantees that you will always get paid for your time as long as you do your job and you do it right.

For Fiverr and Reddit, you will have to be much more careful since each transaction is unique, and not all of your potential clients may honest, reasonable, or upfront. Fiverr has measures for protection, but Reddit has much less built-in security for you or your client.

It’s best that you always take the necessary precautionary measures to protect yourself from getting scammed.

Even No Interview WFH Jobs Need the Right Equipment

Despite not having to go through an interview, you will still need the proper home equipment for your work. Whether it is repetitive tasks or creative jobs, you can expect to spend a long time working in front of your computer.

You don’t want to make the same mistake I made. Not having the right work-from-home equipment led me to suffer from wrist and back pain for a few years. An ergonomic chair, table, and mouse will pay off in the long run so you don’t need to spend on costly healthcare bills.

However, if you are just starting out, you may not have the budget for these things yet. So, at the very least, you should get a cheap laptop stand.

Surprisingly, your body gets most of the support it needs from something as simple as this. First, your wrists won’t hurt as much when typing on your laptop due to the slanted angle. It does take a little bit of getting used to.

Next, you can use the stand to adjust the laptop screen to your eye level. So both your neck and back are not strained when working. Now, I use this all the time when I’m working at home or outside.

Not All Roads Lead to Greater Things Ahead

One of the great hurdles you will come across when choosing a job is career growth. Some of these options, such as getting jobs from Reddit and Fiverr, can lead to fruitful careers that you can rely on as a means of living. 

On the other hand, quick jobs found on Remotasks and Appen will probably not lead to anything aside from a quick buck. As such, these jobs are best for beginners, those in between jobs, and those who are just looking for additional side income during their spare time.

Regardless, these are all viable sources of income you may want to explore in case you’re looking to earn more without having to go through an interview.

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