4 Options for Work From Home With No Interview Required

A lot of former corporate employees and new graduates from college and high school have come to entertain the idea of working from home as a Remote Filipino Worker.

Many of them have different reasons, such as avoiding transportation costs, the hassle of the commute, enjoying the comfort of working in your own home, and balancing work life and family life. 

Aside from these common reasons, some look for work from home jobs for introverts and people who aren’t confident to meet people face to face. If you’re one of these people, we have you covered. Here are some starting places where to find work from home with no interview required.

1) Reddit

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Reddit is a social media site much like Facebook groups. The main difference between the two social media sites is that Reddit focuses on promoting discussions about specific topics of interest amongst a group of anonymous people from around the world. 

Because of the diverse pool of topics you can find on Reddit, there are several subreddit groups that focus on online job opportunities, including those for beginners and for the more experienced.

One of the most popular subreddit groups you’ll likely find as a beginner is r/slavelabour. You can expect to find relatively low paying jobs that are ideal for beginners, hobbyists, and part-time freelancers. 

A number of these kinds of jobs will not need any kind of interview process. As long as you can prove to your client that you’re capable of accomplishing the task that they need done, you can get hired regardless of educational background, age, or gender.

For the more experienced freelancer or professional, you may also want to look into r/HireaWriter if you’re into writing or r/forhire for more general options. Either subreddit will have more opportunities for higher paying jobs and potentially longer contracts.

The advantage of getting jobs from Reddit is that you can use the work experience you’ve gained through working with clients here to build your personal portfolio so that you can get even more job opportunities in the future.

You can also check out our guide here for a more in-depth guide on how to find remote jobs on reddit. That article also has a few more recommended subreddit groups for even more job opportunities.

Where To Find Work From Home With No Interview Required 2

Fiverr is the world’s largest job marketplace where freelancers from all around the world can post their services and get hired at their rates and terms. As long as you can provide a service that can be done online, you can likely sell the service here. 

There is no need to go through an interview process to have your Fiverr account and listings approved and published. There is also no interview process for getting hired by potential clients. If your potential client sees that your listing, reputation, service description and price are all ok, you can get hired on the spot without having to talk to anyone face-to-face.

Because there is no formal interview process for getting screened by clients, the challenge is to create a listing and profile that will stand out amongst the vast competition. 

Regardless, there is a lot of potential to creating and building a Fiverr account. The competition is extremely stiff as you’ll be against freelancers from all around the world who can probably provide a similar service and maybe even at a better rate. If you do somehow are able to carve your own niche, you have essentially unlimited earning potential on Fiverr.

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Appen, formerly known as Appen Butler Hill,  is an Australian data collection company that improves machine learning and artificial intelligence based technologies. They do this by collecting data from thousands of human interactions and responses from around the world through the freelancers that they hire, this is where you come in.

Appen hires freelancers to do simple tasks which they can use to help AI-based technologies to get better at what they do. Examples of these tasks include image labeling, reviewing search engine results, and transcribing audio clips.

Most of these jobs do not require you to get interviewed. Instead, you will often be given materials to study, including practical examples of real work scenarios. You will be then tested to see how much you are capable of actually accomplishing these tasks. If you pass, then you’ll likely get hired.

The amount you earn will vary depending on the nature of the task/project and how many hours you put in. You will be notified by Appen how much each task/project will pay. 

4) Remotasks

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Remotasks works very similarly to Appen. They offer task-based work for freelancers from around the globe. The tasks are often very straightforward and simple.

Much like Appen, the goal of these tasks are often to train and improve AI-based technology to act more human-like. As such, you can expect to do much of the same kind of work, such as image recognition and labeling.

Getting hired will also work very similarly to Appen. You will be given a few materials to study per kind of task, and then you will be test to see if you can apply the concepts you learned in real case scenarios. Once you pass their tests, you should be eligible to work for them.

The pay structure will also depend on how many tasks you can accomplish, meaning the faster you can finish the work, the more you can do, the more you can earn.

Tips and Warnings

Protect Yourself

One of the many distinct advantages of going through a formal employer such as Remotasks and Appen is that they’re both companies that have a track record of paying their remote workers. This pretty much guarantees that you will always get paid for your time as long as you do your job and you do it right.

For Fiverr and Reddit, you will have to be much more careful since each transaction is unique, and not all of your potential clients may honest, reasonable, or upfront. Fiverr has measures for protection, but Reddit has much less built-in security for you or your client.

It’s best that you always take the necessary precautionary measures to protect yourself from getting scammed.

Not All Roads Lead to Greater Things Ahead

One of the great hurdles you will come across when choosing a job is career growth. Some of these options, such as getting jobs from Reddit and Fiverr, can lead to fruitful careers that you can rely on as a means of living. 

On the other hand, quick jobs found on Remotasks and Appen will probably not lead to anything aside from a quick buck. As such, these jobs are best for beginners, those in between jobs, and those who are just looking for additional side income during their spare time.

Regardless, these are all viable sources of income you may want to explore in case you’re looking to earn more without having to go through an interview.

Recommended Equipment and Gadgets

Despite not having to go through an interview, you will still need the proper home equipment for your work. We have a detailed list of some of our most recommended work-from-home equipment that you’ll want.

For a basic list of what most kinds of work-from-home freelancers, you can check out our recommendations below.

1. An Erg0nomic Chair or Comfy Cushion

Ergonomic chairs are all about keeping you comfy and reducing fatigue so you can stay productive all day. They’re designed to improve circulation and help keep you going!

If ergonomic chairs aren’t your style, you could opt for memory foam cushions or seats instead. They’re easy to use on your couch, bed, or floor and a practical choice for laptop users who need a portable workspace.

2. A Good Desk/Table

Make sure that you have a sturdy desk that’s big enough for all your equipment is a must, no matter if you’re working on a laptop or desktop computer.

If you have limited space, think about whether the desk you have fits your work-from-home setup. A more portable option might be a better choice in that case.

3. Ergonomic Mouse & Mechanical Keyboard

Your mouse and keyboard are the 2 most-used peripherals, so if you experience discomfort with your current setup, consider getting an ergonomic mouse and keyboard available online or in-store.

For a more comfortable and efficient work experience, using a separate mouse and keyboard instead of your laptop’s built-in trackpad and keyboard is recommended. A good USB or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can feel like an extension of your hand. Some people are okay with basic models, while others opt for custom mechanical keyboards.

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