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Free Online Job Search Tools

There are tons of free tools all over the internet to help you with your online work aspirations. This page is Remote Filipino Worker’s curated list of free online job search tools. We actually even made a few of these tools ourselves.

These tools include resume optimization, task management, hourly salary calculator, lists of places to find online work, and lists of places to download photos and videos, among others. If you’re a beginner to finding work online, the highlight of this page is definitely the Job Application AI Assistant.

Remote Filipino Worker's Free Tools

1) Job Application AI Assistant

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download link

2) Basic Resume Template

free online job search tools 8 (Basic Resume Template)

This is the resume template I used when I was starting out my remote work journey. While it’s a bit outdated now compared to the Job Application AI Assistant, you can use them together if you prefer editing a doc file instead of a spreadsheet. There’s a complete guide on how to use this template here “How to Write the Ideal Resume for Online Jobs“.

3) Task Prioritization with Quadrant Analysis Tool

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download link

4) Hourly Salary Rate Calculator

free online job search tools 5 (Hourly Salary Calculator)

Online job websites usually don’t have a uniform way of displaying the salary for each job posting. Some can be the salary for the month, and some can show the salary per hour of work.

Simply enter your desired monthly PHP salary in the “Hourly Salary Rate Calculator”  to find out the equivalent hourly and monthly rates in USD, GBP, CAD and AUD.


5) Remote Filipino Worker's YouTube Channel

free online job search tools 9 (RFW TV YouTube)

This is the link to our YouTube Channel! We’re still growing it right now but if you prefer watching videos over reading articles about how to get started in remote work in the Philippines, check out the channel. Right now, we cover and virtual assistants, as well as, ranking the different kinds of online jobs.

Link: RFW TV

6) Basic Invoice Template

Free Online Job Search Tools 7 (RFW Sample Invoice)

Sending professional-looking invoices to your clients is an important part of the payment collection process. It adds credibility to your services plus also makes sure that everything is documented. If you want to learn how to send invoices properly, we have a guide called “How to Invoice Clients as A Freelancer in 6 Steps” that you can follow.

Free Invoice Template:

Curated List of Free Resources

Listed below are free resources we handpicked to get you started on your online job career. This includes free job search tools, career roadmaps, YouTube playlists, free online courses, and recommended communities, among others.

Going through them all will definitely be overwhelming. So, we recommend only using the resources that are applicable to your situation now.

How can you know what to prioritize? Simple. Go through online job boards and check out job listings related to your desired work. For anything you are lacking, just learn them step by step.

1) The Basic Essentials

2) Marketing Your Services

3) Communities You Can Join

Free Resources for Different Niches

1) Virtual Assistants

2) Common Online Job Tools

3) Graphic Design

4) Video Editing

5) Developers

6) AI

7) Digital Marketing