Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands

The work from home lifestyle has definitely taken root in many people’s lives, especially with our current circumstances. According to a study by SEEK Asia, 52% of Filipinos had already started working remotely prior to the pandemic. This number soared to 85% during COVID-19.

With so many people working from home, including husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers, it would be a nice idea to give your SO a gift that they’ll be able to use during their daily grind.

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Here’s our list to help you find the best gift for work from home husbands.

If you’re looking for a more gender neutral gift, check out our list of the best gift ideas for people working from home.

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 1

If your SO is a gamer, this may be right up their alley. It’s a neat gaming mouse and keyboard rolled into one package. It comes with most of the basic things you’d expect from a gaming mouse and keyboard, such as adjustable lights and multimedia buttons.

Current Price: ₱1,368

Average Shopee User Rating: 5.0 (14 Ratings)

Useful Review:

5/5 Stars – “Napakaganda .. authentic and very classy. Hindi masakit sa mata yung pagka rgb nya kaya super bet ko to. Super nagustuhan ko talaga ❤️” 

2. Laptop Cooling Pad Notebook Stand for 12-18 inch Laptops

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 2

Sometimes, laptops can get really hot, especially if under high workloads including gaming or video/3D rendering. This functional laptop cooling pad will help keep your SO’s laptop thermals down for a more comfortable working or gaming experience.

It works with a majority of laptop form factors ranging from small 12 inch notebooks to larger 17 inch laptops.

Current Price: ₱760 – ₱1,010

Average Shopee User Rating: 4.8 (4K Ratings)

Useful Review:

5/5 Stars – “All 6 fans are working properly and seems cool enough (not sure about the difference in the fan settings though if there are any lol). Hopefully it would help my gaming laptop not to overheat 🥵 Aesthetic-wise, it’s also very nice for that “gamer feel” 😂 Thank you! ❤️” 

3. Portable Bluetooth Speakers (Drop and Waterproof)

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 3

Laptop and cellphone built-in speakers often lack the volume or the sound quality that a decent external speaker can provide. With a good Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy good quality audio paired with any of your modern day devices. 

The sound may not be as good as a pair of high quality wired speakers, but this is still an excellent option that gives you a balance between convenience and sound quality. This particular model is also great for travelers as it’s built for durability, excellent if your SO likes to go on workations.

Current Price: ₱1,650

Average Shopee User Rating: 4.9 (1,700+ Ratings)

Useful Review:

5/5 Stars – “Got my order 👍👍👍👍 Early gift for my husband 💞💞💞 Nagustuhan nya pang mayaman ang tugtugan👌👌👌 Salamat shopee 👍👍👍 and Kay seller😊😊😊” 

4. Easy to Wear Neckties

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 4

Getting dressed for web meetings is made even easier with a set of zipper neckties. Now, not only can you wear shorts during your conferences, you don’t even need to know how to tie your tie. 

Just make sure to get a set of ties that will match your partner’s shirts, and he should be all set for work at a moment’s notice.

Despite its price tag, some of the users who’ve bought this item claim that it looks good enough for online meetings and conferences, making it one of the best inexpensive gifts for remote workers. 

Current Price: ₱139

Average Shopee User Rating: 5.0 (73 Ratings)

Useful Review/s:

5/5 Stars – “Good quality, very affordable price and perfect for meetings and conferences. Bought it for my dad. Thank you seller! 💖” 

5/5 Stars – “High quality! Kung hindi ka marunong mag necktie ito ang para sayo! De zipper lang pakak nakanecktie ka na ng walang kahirap hirap!” 

5. Video Games via Steam Wallet Digital Codes

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 5

Steam has one of the most extensive library of games you can find on the internet., ranging from the latest and greatest to Indie games made by small developers. If your husband is a PC gamer, chances are that he at least knows of a few games on steam.

What makes steam cards so appealing is that it also gives your partner the freedom to choose which games he would like to buy with the GC that you give him. You can think of it like a gaming allowance of sorts.

Just be mindful that a typical AAA game (latest and popular games) will likely cost around P2K to P3K. Older games and those that are on sale can go for as low as 30% of the original launch price.

Current Price: ₱50 – 2,200

6. Extension Wire - Universal Charger Power Socket

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 6

This may not be the most glamorous gift idea, but it is one of the most practical ones out there. Despite it’s simplicity, you can’t beat the functionality of an extension cord that provides you with most of the sockets you’ll ever need for your gadgets.

This is an excellent idea if you want to make sure that you’re giving him something that he’ll likely use day in and day out.

Current Price: ₱580

Average Shopee User Rating: 4.9 (501 Ratings)

Useful Review/s:

5/5 Stars – “2nd time to order.. 11.11 sale kaya 2 na inorder ko, home and office use.. both units working lahat ng usb slots at sockets.. salamat shoppee.. keep it up seller!!.. ” 

5/5 Stars – “sent as a gift. Item quality is good for the price. Arrived on time. “

7. Ice Cold Beer

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 7

There are only a few things that can beat a cold bottle of beer at the end of a long day of work. Even if you’re just working from home, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a cold bottle to and relax.

632-Beer by San Miguel Brewery, offers a range of options and delivers to a good number of locations throughout the Philippines. We included below the basic details of their order requirements and how to order from them.

  • For Bottles and Cans, buy a minimum order of 12 pieces per order transaction. You can mix and match different brands, minimum 6 pieces of Bottles and Cans per product.
  • For Draft Beer in Keg, buy a minimum of 1 keg of 15L or 30L or 50L per order transaction.
  • For beer in bottles and cans, we deliver ice-cold beer within 1 hour for orders below 3 cases. Within the day delivery for orders above 4 cases

Current Price: Variable Depending on which beers and at what quantity (Order Here)

How to Order: Check out the guide here

8. Wireless Charger for Smartphones and Other Devices

Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 8.1
Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 8.2
Best Gift for Work From Home Husbands 8.3

Another practical but stylish gift idea is to get him a wireless charger for his device. It reduces the number of wires that clutter up the workspace while also being cool and very techy.

We’ve listed a few well reviewed options down below for your convenience. Just make sure that your husband’s device is supported by these wireless chargers so that it won’t end up as a techy paperweight.

Anker PowerWave Pad Wireless Charger 10W Max, 7.5W for iPhone – ₱899

Average Shopee User Rating: 4.9 (1,100+ Ratings)

Useful Review: 5/5 Stars – “Compatible with iPhoneXR. Just a note that since the XR is a bigger handset, the phone’s size is longer than the pad itself and sometimes is tricky to place it on the center. Also inconsistent charge while with the case on, sometimes it immediately connects, sometimes need to turn the phone sideways” 


Baseus Jelly Wireless Charger – ₱559

Average Shopee User Rating: 4.8 (74 Ratings)

Useful Review: 5/5 Stars – “Works well for iphones and airpods. Charges slower compared to normal chargers but it’s okay naman” 

KUULAA 15W Qi Wireless Charger – ₱295 (For iPhones, Samsung, Huwei, & Xiaomi) See list of compatible devices.

Average Shopee User Rating: 4.8 (1,500+ Ratings)

Useful Review:

5/5 Stars:

“✔Quality: light plastic. Thin

✔Function: Fast charges w/ Samsung A5 2017 CHARGER but NOT using S20 FE CHARGER! Works even using 5v1A, 5v2.1A old powerbank

✔Cheapest one this time w/ 15W

✔Packaging: no seal on top but there is on the bottom

✔Actual product=posted photo & description

✔Rsponsive seller” 

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