Best Online Jobs for OFWs in the Philippines & Abroad

It is no secret that one of the Philippines’ biggest sources of income are remittances from OFWs. And that number continues to grow year on year with demand for OFWs to work in the healthcare, construction, and recreation industries of other countries.

But sometimes, jobs for OFWs just aren’t available or ready yet. You could be waiting for deployment, be in between jobs, or just need money at the moment to help process your documents. If this sounds like you, you might want to try doing online jobs for OFWs in the meantime.

Similar to OFWs, a Remote Filipino Worker, or RFW for short, has the benefit of earning higher wages in a foreign currency but without the need to leave the country. You can use the money for whatever you need while waiting for your OFW job.

Check the list below for ideas on the best online jobs for OFWs in the Philippines and abroad.

Online Jobs for OFWs 1

OFWs and RFWs have similar opportunities to earn a larger salary due to earning in a foreign currency as compensation. As an aspiring OFW, you can use online jobs as a way to earn money before your deployment abroad.

Here are some comparisons between OFWs and RFWs:

  • It is possible for both RFWs and OFWs to earn big in foreign currencies, however, the cost of living is usually higher for OFWs.
  • Among the benefits OFWs have is the opportunity to travel and experience life in a country with better infrastructure, destinations, and a higher quality of life in general. For RFWs, they do not have to leave their families behind while still earning enough for a living and then some.
  • In order to get hired and receive their work visa, OFWs have to undergo a rigorous application process. Moreover, the process is costly and time-consuming. Meanwhile, RFWs only need to apply online and once hired, they can start working.
  • OFWs who are skilled workers have the opportunity to become permanent residents in another country. In contrast, RFWs still have to experience the inconveniences of living in a developing country like the Philippines.

Getting an opportunity as an OFW might take some time. So, you can try out online jobs for OFWs first. Then, after experiencing life as both an OFW and as an RFW, you can decide which one you prefer.

Which Online Jobs for OFWs Should You Choose?

Depending on your situation as an aspiring OFW, you should choose carefully what kind of online jobs you should take. Here are the things you should consider:

  • Job Requirements. Not all online jobs are a good fit for your situation as an OFW. Carefully choose the online job you’ll apply for based on your skill set and equipment. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have a laptop, there are still online jobs that you can do using only your mobile phone.
  • Schedule and Flexibility. If you are expecting to be deployed soon then a short-term part-time online job for OFWs should be more fitting for you. There are also online jobs that are flexible enough that you can do even while you are abroad.
  • Earning an income before you even go abroad is very practical especially if there are things that you need to prepare that might require money. You don’t have to look for high-paying online jobs, earning a beginner’s salary of ₱30,000 a month will be helpful enough for your current needs.
  • Skill and Language Improvement. Another benefit of working online before becoming an OFW is the chance to work with people from a foreign culture. The exposure will help you become more confident when you travel abroad. You gain experience, both in technical and language skills, even before working in another country.
  • Networking. If you do your job well, your online clients and employers will be satisfied. This is something that you can leverage if you happen to become an OFW in the same country as your network.

8 Best Online Jobs for OFWs

1. Content Writer

Online Jobs for OFWs 2 (Content Writer)

A content writer creates articles, product descriptions, scripts, and other forms of content for online platforms of various kinds. This could be for blogs, YouTube videos, social media posts, online novels, and ecommerce websites.

If you have good enough skills in English writing, then this is an excellent online job for OFWs who are waiting to be deployed. Why? Since schedule-wise, it’s very flexible. You can work when you want as long as you can meet your client’s deadlines.

Another benefit of being a content writer is that it’s a job you can do even while abroad. This will be helpful if the country you are working in has a high cost of living and you need extra funds.

Requirements: English writing skills; Experience may be required for certain niches

Time Needed: 4-6 Hours per Day

2. Chatter

Online Jobs for OFWs 3 (Chatter)

Chatters are quite simply paid by employers to engage with their audience. They use popular messaging apps like Telegram, Messenger, and Discord or a custom messaging app unique to the company. Regardless, most chatter jobs can be done through a mobile phone.

If you are an OFW who is a beginner to online jobs, then this kind of work will be easy for you to enter. It doesn’t require any technical know-how. You just need to follow whatever the company’s guidelines are for chatting with their customers.

But be warned though, there are some chatter jobs that are in more sensitive industries like pornography and gambling. If that’s not your cup of tea, make sure to get the complete details of the job before accepting.

One of the benefits of this online job for OFWs is that you can brush up on your English reading and writing skills. The job is also very flexible and usually short-term. So, if you are expecting to be deployed soon then you don’t have to worry about your commitment to the job.

Requirements: Basic English conversational skills; No specific experience required

Time Needed: 4-6 Hours per Day

3. Content Repurposing Expert

Online Jobs for OFWs 4 (Content Repurposing Expert)

The main clients of content repurposing experts are content creators. Content creators churn out hours of content every week. But even so, they don’t have the time to tweak their content to be fit for publishing on all the big online channels, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Your role as a content repurposing expert would be to take their existing content and edit it to fit the requirements of a specific online channel. For example, if your client is a streamer, you can take clips from their streams to publish on TikTok or YouTube Shorts.

In a sense, a content repurposing expert is like the jack of all trades of online content. You need to know a little about video editing, graphic design, and copywriting to do the job well.

This is not an online job for OFWs that you can usually find on job boards. This is a job that you need to get in touch with content creators directly to pitch your services. But if you can grow this as your own business, then eventually you can retire as an OFW and just focus on online work instead.

Requirements: Basic copywriting; Basic video editing; Basic graphic design

Time Needed: 4-6 Hours per Day

4. General Virtual Assistant

Online Jobs for OFWs 5 (General Virtual Assistant)

A general virtual assistant (VA) mostly handles administrative work and whatever help their employer needs for the day. It’s one of the gateway online jobs for Filipinos as there are many local VA agencies that help you find clients abroad.

But as an aspiring OFW, it might be better for you to be hired directly by a client so you can negotiate your own terms and schedule. There are part-time VA jobs available on job boards like and Upwork, or you can also try searching social media like Facebook Groups and Reddit.

Working as a VA before you become an OFW will help improve your confidence in communicating with people of a different language and culture. The experience might even be what sets you apart from the competition.

Requirements: Administrative work experience; Acceptable English skills

Time Needed: 4-8 Hours per Day

5. Online English Tutor

Online Jobs for OFWs 6 (Online English Tutor)

If you are very confident in your English skills, you can always become an online English tutor while waiting for your deployment as an OFW. There are many online companies, like Engoo and Preply, where you can apply to teach English to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other non-native English speakers.

Please note that these platforms have very strict requirements. You may need to pass an exam before you can begin teaching on their platform. Alternatively, you can always offer these services yourself by promoting your services on social media.

By becoming an online English tutor, you can also hit two birds with one stone. Not only will this job help you earn money for your OFW application, but you’ll also be able to brush up on your English skills at the same time.

Requirements: Strong English skills

Time Needed: 4-8 Hours per Day

6. Data Entry / Typist

Online Jobs for OFWs 7 (Data Entry or Typist)

A data entry online job is an administrative task where you compile information onto a spreadsheet or a document file. Your hours will be mostly spent typing, researching, copying, and pasting data. There are types of data entry work that may require specialized knowledge, so keep that in mind when applying.

To find data entry work, you can simply search the term itself on platforms such as and Upwork. You might find that the job title could be anything from a data entry specialist to a virtual assistant, or from a data compliance officer to an online lead researcher. The job titles might be different but the tasks remain mostly the same.

As a job for aspiring OFWs, data entry work has one of the lowest barriers to entry. So, you can apply for it even if you don’t have that much experience yet. Of course, you should expect heavy competition so keep your best foot forward.

Requirements: Some experience is preferred but not required

Time Needed: 4-8 Hours per Day

7. Cold Calling Specialist

Online Jobs for OFWs 8 (Cold Calling Specialist)

A cold calling specialist is tasked to find new clients for their employers by contacting people who might be interested in their product or service. It’s a job that can be said to be “outside the comfort zone” for people who are not used to sales. You might be treated as a spammer or a scammer, but regardless, it’s all a part of the job.

What’s good about this job is that there’s a regular demand for it. It’s also easy to learn and easy to leave when you need to. You can find openings for this job on most job boards, including and Upwork.

As an OFW, the trip abroad will not all be rainbows and sunshine. There will be times when you won’t be able to communicate well with a foreigner. It might not be a bad idea to experience this beforehand through a cold-calling job so you can handle these situations better in the future.

Requirements: Strong English speaking skills

Time Needed: 6-8 Hours per Day

8. Social Media Designer

Online Jobs for OFWs 9 (Social Media Designer)

These days, there are way too many popular social media platforms for small to medium-sized businesses to keep up with making content. So, a social media designer’s role is to take that burden off the business and get paid for great engaging posts on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

There are jobs for social media designers available on job boards and agencies, but you might find contacting a client directly to be more effective. You should prioritize businesses that need to churn out updates to their social media pages regularly. These include cinemas, real estate brokers, and restaurants, among others.

Similar to content repurposing, this is a job you can turn into your very own online business in the future. You can keep doing it even while you are already working abroad as an OFW.

Requirements: Intermediate graphic design skills; Social media know-how

Time Needed: 2-4 Hours per Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online part time jobs for OFWs?

The best online part time job for an OFW can be very different for each person because each individual has their own unique situation and goal. For example, if you are an OFW living in the Philippines while waiting for deployment, then part-time work such as a chatter or a content writer might be more suitable for you.

However, if you are an OFW currently working abroad with plans to move back to the Philippines then you might want to set your sights on the long term. An online job that you can turn into an actual career when you eventually go back to the Philippines might be the better choice. If this sounds like you, then choose jobs where you can build a reputation and portfolio even online.

Are there online jobs to work abroad available for aspiring OFWs?

Online jobs that lead to being to being able to work abroad are very rare. Most foreign employers outsource to RFWs in the Philippine to save money on labor costs. So, unless their company becomes very successful with your help, then it’s unlikely that you can convince your employer to go through the process of applying for an employment-based immigration visa for you.

But if your goal is to travel and not migrate, then you should know that there are freelancer visas available in various countries. If that’s your objective, then you should look for a flexible kind of work where you can earn income even while traveling.

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