7 Best Online Jobs for Nurses in the Philippines

Are you a registered nurse in the Philippines looking for extra income through online jobs? There are many kinds of jobs available online, from administrative support to work you can do on your mobile phone.

However, if you want to take advantage of your experience as a registered nurse, you should prioritize work in the medical field. Listed below are online jobs for nurses in the Philippines.

This list should give you an idea of what jobs you can look for when you start to apply. You can find work like these on job sites like Onlinejobs.ph or social media pages like Reddit.

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1. Remote Staff Nurse

online jobs for nurses philippines 2 (remote staff nurse)

The job of remote staff nurses is the closest to the typical work that nurses usually do. They help with the front and back offices of healthcare facilities in other countries. Work may include providing health advice to callers, communicating with doctors, administering care via telehealth, and entering medical data into a database, among others.

Typically, this online job will have you learning a new kind of software specifically for telehealth-related tasks. So, you have to be a bit tech-savvy to adapt to the new remote working environment.

And more often than not, companies will only hire registered nurses with actual clinical experience since they are much easier to train for the transition to remote work. Strong English skills are also mandatory since you will be communicating frequently with patients, doctors, and other nurses.

Remember to check the working schedule. You’ll likely be on mid or graveyard shift since you are required to work with patients and healthcare professionals.

Common Requirements: Nursing Experience, Strong English Skills, Computer, Stable Internet, and Noise Cancelling Equipment

Variations: Remote Registered Nurse, Remote Triage Nurse, Emergency Room Nurse (Triage), Remote Care Coordinator

2. RN Medical Virtual Assistant

online jobs for nurses philippines 3 (RN medical virtual assistant)

This job is similar to the remote staff nurse but with a bigger emphasis on the administrative side of the healthcare field. So, they are not as strict with clinical experience and may accept Philippine registered nurses with as little as 6 months of experience or none at all.

Your tasks may include scheduling patient appointments, processing prescription refill requests, updating medical records, and explaining treatment procedures to patients, among others. With these kinds of tasks, you’ll likely be required to work a mid or graveyard shift.

And just like other virtual assistant jobs, there are also agencies, such as HelloRache, which are dedicated to hiring and training people for this position. Of course, if you prefer to work directly with clients you should be looking for healthcare VA jobs on places like Onlinejobs.ph. You can check out “How to Become a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines” for a detailed step-by-step guide.

Common Requirements: Strong English Skills, Computer, Stable Internet, and Noise Cancelling Equipment

Variations: Virtual Medical Scribe, Healthcare Virtual Assistant, Medical Receptionist

3. Medical Content Writer

online jobs for nurses philippines 4 (medical content writer)

If you are a registered nurse with a penchant for writing, then you can explore becoming a medical content writer. Just like other content writing work, you will be asked to write for blogs, websites, social media, apps, and other online platforms. The main difference being the subject matter.

Your writing will be focused on medical and healthcare subjects. Thus, you can expect them to be quite technical, especially if there is academic referencing involved. Conversely, if you are writing for a general audience, then you might be asked to translate the technical-speak into something most people can easily understand.

One good thing about becoming a medical content writer is that you can do the work on your mobile phone. It’s no secret that nurses in the Philippines are criminally underpaid, so the computer requirements in other online jobs for nurses might be difficult for you right now. You can earn enough first as a writer and then eventually upgrade to a computer if you want.

Common Requirements: Strong English Writing Skills, Medical & Healthcare Knowledge

Variations: Medical Writer, Nursing Writer, Registered Nurse Exam Content Writer

4. Practice Manager

online jobs for nurses philippines 5 (practice manager)

A practice manager has similar job requirements and responsibilities as a remote nurse, however, there is a much heavier emphasis on team management. You will be assigned to lead a team and oversee the proper completion of their work.

Over the course of your day-to-day activities, you will be working with doctors, nurses, and other remote workers. Your tasks may include auditing healthcare processes, suggesting improvements, handling patient complaints, and coaching team members, among others.

Most companies looking for a practice manager want someone with experience managing healthcare teams. So, if this sounds like you, take advantage of the opportunity.

Common Requirements: Nursing & Management Experience, Strong English Skills, Computer, Stable Internet, and Noise Cancelling Equipment

5. Clinical Instructor

online jobs for nurses philippines 6 (clinical instructor)

Interested in helping others learn more about healthcare? There are online jobs for nurses where the focus is on making learning courses and delivering training.

Your tasks as a clinical instructor are a blend of medical content writing and teaching. You might be asked to write for medical education purposes, develop eLearning courses, and instruct people about what you know regarding the healthcare field.

Companies want clinical instructors with actual work experience in healthcare such as nurses and doctors. Prior teaching experience will also help boost your application.

Common Requirements: Nursing Experience, Strong English Skills, Medical & Healthcare Knowledge

Variations: Healthcare eLearning Engineer, Nursing Exam Instructor

6. Medical Recruiter

online jobs for nurses philippines 7 (medical recruiter)

In other countries, medical recruitment firms are popular with healthcare facilities as a means to find the professionals they need. These firms connect nurses, medical technicians, and other healthcare professionals to employers.

As a medical recruiter, your tasks are similar to what a Human Resources department would handle for hospitals and clinics. You have to source candidates, pick out excellent ones, and handle the related administrative work.

This online job is not strictly open to nurses only. But having healthcare experience is an advantage.

Common Requirements: Nursing Experience, Strong English Skills, Computer, and Stable Internet

Variations: Healthcare Recruiter

7. Medical Biller

online jobs for nurses philippines 8 (medical biller)

A medical biller is an administrative type of job where you are responsible for calculating and collecting payments for healthcare procedures and treatments. While it’s true that this job sounds like an accountant’s work, companies do prefer hiring a candidate with previous healthcare experience.

This is because the tasks may also include the need to update patient data, identify and code the healthcare procedure, and communicate with patients and doctors.

Since you will most likely be asked to use a healthcare management software that you are not familiar with, it’s best to apply to companies that provide training for the job.

Common Requirements: Nursing Experience, Strong English Skills, Computer, and Stable Internet

Tips & Reminders

  • Make sure to read each job post carefully before you apply. Some jobs may require a license as a registered nurse in a specific country like the US or Canada. Just apply to jobs where a Philippine license is fine.
  • Nurses tend to have a heavy workload in their regular job. If that sounds like you, carefully consider what kind of part-time work you will do. It is recommended to choose a results-based job where you are not required to work at specific times. Examples of these kinds of online jobs for nurses include medical writing and transcription, among others.
  • Still studying? There are jobs available for nursing students even without a license yet. But again, make sure to read the job requirements very carefully. Job sites give you a limited number of applications per day so do not waste them. Alternatively, you might want to look at this list of online jobs for students They have much less stringent requirements.

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