8 Best Online Jobs Without a Laptop or Desktop (Just Mobile)

Are you an aspiring remote worker but don’t have a laptop or desktop to begin working online? You don’t have to wait until you save enough for a computer. There are online jobs you can do with just your mobile phone.

These jobs are usually results-based work where the quality of your output is more important than how long you work. These jobs are also open to people without any experience as long as you practice and start making samples to wow potential clients.

Check the list below for online jobs without a laptop or desktop needed, just a mobile phone. We’ll also recommend guidelines for you to check for yourself if a job can be done on your phone or not.

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Not all jobs can be done using just your smartphone. For example, a general virtual assistant job can be difficult since you don’t know what task will be assigned to you daily. If you decline a task because you can’t do it on your phone, you might get a negative review from your employer.

Here are some points to remember when looking for online jobs without a laptop or desktop requirement.

  • Preferably Results-Based Work. Results-based work means the employer or client is only expecting a certain output from you. So, as long as they are happy with the output, then you are free to use your phone to make the deliverables. Examples include writing for blogs, editing videos for TikTok, and designing posts for social media.
  • No Time & Work Tracking. Working on a phone is definitely slower than working on a computer. If a client is paying for your time and wants to install a piece of software that tracks your time and screenshots your work, you’ll probably face issues if you’re only working using a phone.
  • No Computer Requirements. There are jobs that require you to have a computer that has certain specs. You won’t meet those requirements if you are just using your phone.

If you need a better idea of what exactly working on a smartphone looks like, please check the article “How to Work from Home Using Mobile Phones.” It was written and uploaded to this very website using just a smartphone.

List of the Best Online Jobs Without a Laptop or Desktop Needed

1. Chat Group Moderator & Chatter

online jobs without a laptop 2 (chat group moderator & chatter)

A chat group moderator or chatter is tasked to engage with a business’s audience through messaging apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram, among others. The business should provide training on how to communicate with its community based on the company’s policies.

You might be asked to answer customer concerns, mediate between members of the community, and even do promotions. It really depends on the kind of company you join.

Do note that there are some chatter jobs that are in controversial industries. These include the online pornography, gambling, and cryptocurrency sectors. If you are not comfortable with those, then make sure to do your research on the company and the job before you apply.

Add-on Equipment: No additional equipment is necessary. But holding your phone and chatting can get tiring after a while, so a phone stand and keyboard might be beneficial.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: Compared to working on a computer, there’s not really much difference aside from the smaller screen. In fact, some chat apps may only be available on a smartphone.

Variations: Snapchat Chatter, Chatting Support, Chat Manager

2. Video Editor for Mobile Content

online jobs without a laptop 3 (video editor for mobile content)

In a world where billions of people own a smartphone, it’s no surprise that there’s a demand for people who specialize in making content for mobile. From content creators on YouTube to businesses advertising on Instagram, everyone’s fighting for a share of attention from smartphone users.

Some business owners are too busy to make their own content. Or content creators may handle the production, but are too swamped to handle the editing themselves. So, it’s no surprise that they need video editors to help them create the finished product. That’s where you come in.

There are two ways for you to get into this profession. You can either apply for work through job platforms or you can reach out to people who you think might need this service. 

Mobile content video editing is one of the in-demand online jobs for mobile phones. So, you need to prove that you can handle the work. Start practicing and build your portfolio as soon as you can.

Add-on Equipment: A external mouse, keyboard, and phone stand are not necessary. But these tools will help you have an easier time, especially for projects that necessitate long work hours.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: There are many video editing apps, such as CapCut and InShot, that are optimized for use on mobile phones. For most mobile video content, these apps are enough and are even preferred by most content creators. Of course, complex effects and animations are much easier on a computer, but you can take on those projects in the future once you earn enough for a video editing computer.

Variations: Video Editor for YouTube, Tiktok Video Editor, Instagram Stories Editor, Reels Video Editor

3. Content Creator for Social Media

online jobs without a laptop 4 (content creator for social media)

Over 4 billion people use some form of social media in 2022. So, businesses know that they have a large audience there that they can sell to, but only if they can create engaging, consistent content.

As a content creator for social media, your job is to make posts that help the business connect with the community and build its brand. The job might include making graphics for Instagram posts or creating short videos for TikTok, depending on the brand’s strategy.

Content creation for social media is one of the online jobs for phones that you can definitely do well with a bit of practice. There are many design apps that you can use, but Canva, in particular, is cheap, powerful, and effective. Use the free version to build your portfolio first, then once you land a client, you can think about subscribing to Canva since it now pays for itself.

Here are some samples of social media content we’ve made for our own clients by using Canva.

online jobs without a laptop 11 (Canva Sample)
Using Canva's thousands of premium templates and images, you can definitely make your designs look professional even without a laptop.

Add-on Equipment: It’s not necessary, but working long hours on the phone might hurt your hands. You can use a phone holder and a mouse or stylus if you want.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: Using Canva is an excellent way to make unique, consistent, and appealing designs for social media content. Thankfully, Canva is very accessible to mobile-only users. Though, working on a design’s finer details might be easier using a computer, mouse, and keyboard.

Variations: Facebook Page Manager, Digital Marketing VA, Social Media Graphic Designer

4. Email Copywriter

online jobs without a laptop 5 (email copywriter)

An email copywriter helps businesses contact existing and potential clients to get them to do a certain action depending on the company’s objectives. This objective could be anything from selling a product or service to increasing the number of subscribers. So, an email copywriter needs to write copy that is persuasive enough for clients to do that action.

Most email copywriting jobs have some research involved, particularly about the target client. Research and writing are easy enough to do on a phone. But you might find switching between apps a bit burdensome.

A variation of this job is called ‘first line writer’. Instead of writing the whole email, the first line writer only needs to write the subject. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy job though since the subject needs to be very convincing to get people to read the rest of the email.

Add-on Equipment: You should probably invest in a phone stand and keyboard to avoid any embarrassing typos. It’s very easy to mess up your copy using a phone’s built-in keyboard.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: Since this job has some research involved aside from writing, you need to switch between your writing and browser apps frequently. From experience, working like this on your phone feels clunky and definitely takes more time to do.

Variations: First Line Writer, Email Writer, Lead Generation VA

5. Writer for Blogs, Social Media, and Other Websites

online jobs without a laptop 6 (writer for blogs and social media)

There are a lot of opportunities available for hopeful online writers. You can be a writer for blogs, social media content, business websites, and anywhere online that needs your expertise.

Aside from the smaller screen, writing on a phone using an external keyboard, phone stand, and mouse isn’t really that different from using a computer. However, there are writing jobs that need more than a fair amount of research. Those jobs may need a lot of tabs open as references for what you need to write.

Switching between your writing app and your references might feel clunky. But once you get used to it, it’s no big deal.

Like the other results-based work on this list, you need to prepare a portfolio first of what you can do. This would be especially helpful if you want to land a client in a certain topic niche.

Add-on Equipment: It takes more than a few hours to write articles for blogs. You should invest in a phone stand, external keyboard, and mouse so you can write much more comfortably.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: From experience, it takes about 30% more time to write articles using just your mobile phone when compared to working on a computer.

Variations: Content Writer, Article Writer, SEO Writer, Twitter Writer

6. Data Entry Specialist

online jobs without a laptop 7 (data entry specialist)

Data entry is an administrative task that involves you compiling information, such as names or numbers, into a file, usually a spreadsheet. Since this is mostly typing, research, and copy-paste work, it’s definitely doable on a smartphone.

The phone versions of spreadsheet programs, like MS Excel or Google Spreadsheets, are compatible with their computer versions. So, your client should have no problem opening any file that you send.

When looking for data entry work, you might find that there are a wide variety of positions that might also handle that task. These include bookkeepers and administrative assistants, among others. If you want to apply to those, just check the other job responsibilities first and see if they are possible to do on a phone.

Add-on Equipment: You might be in for some long typing sessions so use a phone stand, keyboard, and mouse to ease the burden on your body.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: Similar to the other typing-related jobs on this list, it’s not that much harder to do when compared to working on a computer. But due to the smaller screen, you might find switching between apps disorienting.

Variations: Data entry work may also fall under the tasks of a General Virtual Assistant, Research Assistant, and Bookkeeper

7. Online Coach / Consultant

online jobs without a laptop 8 (online coach or consultant)

If you already have an existing specialty or profession, then you can just extend your reach by offering coaching and consulting services online. This isn’t limited to doctors, lawyers, and other licensed professionals. You can provide online consulting on anything you specialize in.

There are coaches for fitness, relationships, life, business, and careers. Or you can teach people how to cook, how to code, how to sing, or even how to get good at competitive games. There’s no limit to what you can do as long as people are willing to pay for it.

Of course, finding the people willing to pay for your services might be your biggest hurdle. You can try marketplace websites, such as Fiverr, for this. But finding where your clients hang out online and reaching out to them there may prove more fruitful.

Add-on Equipment: There’s no particular equipment needed. But a phone stand will free up your hands when you need it.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: It’s easier to multi-task as needed when using a computer. But it’s much easier to bring along your phone for consults that might require you to move about.

8. Translator

online jobs without a laptop 9 (translator)

As more and more pieces of media are consumed globally, translators will always have a role in the online workspace. Translators can work on articles, videos, games, scripts, e-books, and many other kinds of content.

Being a successful translator might require you to focus on a certain niche though. What’s in demand might change from time to time, so you need to do your research and figure out what you can do well that will also pay well.

Translation work is not too dissimilar to other typing-related work. So, you can definitely accomplish these tasks on your phone, albeit at a slower pace. Try to find jobs where you can manage to meet the deadlines despite this.

Add-on Equipment: You should get a keyboard, mouse, and phone stand so you can be much more efficient in doing translation work on your mobile.

Vs Laptop / Desktop: There are certain things that certain models of phones can’t do simultaneously. So, when you need to listen to a piece of audio or video, for example, on your phone, you might not be able to type at the same time. You can work around it though by using a notebook or another media player. Computers don’t have this problem.

Variations: Video Translator, Spanish Translator, English to Mandarin Translator, Arabic Translator

Frequently Asked Questions

Which online jobs for phones are good for students without a laptop or desktop?

The online jobs listed in this guide are accessible to students without a laptop and without any experience. However, you need to work harder to land a client.

As a student, you probably don’t have a portfolio yet. So, the first thing you should do is to start making quality output using only your phone for a job you are interested in. To do this, first, research what kind of output is in demand for that profession.

Then, try to match that level of output using only your phone. As you practice, you’ll begin to amass a portfolio that you can be confident to show to clients. You can find potential clients anywhere, from job sites such as Onlinejobs.ph, to social media websites like Reddit. The key here is to find out where your clients are most likely to be.

You can also check out the guide, “Best Online Jobs for Students in the Philippines”, for more online job ideas.

online jobs without a laptop 10

Are there online jobs that provide a laptop?

Yes, but they are very rare. They also don’t just give it out to newbies. Employers would want you to prove yourself first by passing an exam or even by working for a few months.

It might be tough working on your phone at first, but it’s something you can get good at after a while. So, you don’t have to wait until you buy a laptop or desktop before starting your online career. You can then eventually buy a work-from-home laptop after you earn enough money from your work.

Which phones are suitable for online jobs?

This depends on the kind of job you plan on doing. Most administrative, writing, and correspondence work aren’t system intensive, so a low-to-mid-range phone is enough. For specific recommendations, you can check out our article “Best Budget Phones for Working Online.

However, if there are a lot of graphics and videos involved in your work, you might need at least a mid-range phone to do the job well. If you are specifically going for the mobile video editing job, then you might want to check if your phone’s specs meet the requirements using the guide “Best Budget Phones for Video Editors.”

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