How to Apply on Get Hired in 7 Steps

Regardless if you are new or experienced in doing online work, getting clients is always important to secure a stable livelihood. As a platform for getting clients, Filipinos have an advantage in using because the employers who post there prefer hiring Filipinos.

However, getting hired on or OLJ as it is popularly called, has its own nuances that might not be obvious to the applicant. It’s important to learn this so when you apply on, you can increase your chances of getting hired and maximize the use of your limited daily messages.

To have the highest chance of getting hired when you apply on, you have to:

Step 1: Know what value you can deliver to your clients

Step 2: Make a shortlist of jobs that fit you

Step 3: Do research on your target client’s company

Step 4: Update your profile based on your research

Step 5: Prepare your resume and portfolio for sending

Step 6: Send a message to your target clients

Step 7: Prepare for the interview or exam

Before diving deeper, you need to learn about how works for employers.

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Video Guide: How NOT to Apply on

What You Need to Know about Applying to Employers on

To understand the best way to apply on, you have to learn how their system works on the side of the employer.

First, you need to know that there are two categories of employers: 1) Free Users or employers that aren’t paying a subscription and 2) Paid Users or employers that are paying for a monthly subscription, either Pro or Premium.

  • All types of users can post jobs, but only Paid Users can reply to applications. OLJ did this to significantly decrease the number of scammers on the website.
  • Paid Users are highly likely to post legit jobs on compared to free users, since they paid for a subscription, and they have been verified by OLJ.
  • Once their subscription ends, paid users can stop their subscription and can no longer reply to applications.

How does this system affect you when you apply on It means you should prioritize applying to online job posts from paid users. With that in mind, it’s time to learn the best ways to get hired on

How to Apply on 7-Step Job Application Sample

Step 1: Know what value you can deliver to your clients

Before you even get to the ‘Job Application’ page on OLJ, you need to do a bit of self-evaluation to increase your chances of getting hired.

Usually, job applicants have a very ‘self-focused’ approach when applying on These applicants have been taught to just write down their skills and experience. They think it’s enough if their application fits the job description, but that won’t work when trying to get an online job.

If that sounds like you, then you might have a hard time in successfully getting hired. While this approach may have worked for traditional companies, it will be very hard to stand out online, especially in today’s competitive online job market.


The first thing you have to learn about applying on is that it’s NOT a lottery, it’s a matching game.

For example, when clients say they are looking for an SEO writer, they don’t really just want someone who can write and follow instructions. They “need” someone who can help them reach a goal, such as ranking first on Google.

This “need” is what you need to match when you apply on

Whatever your profession is, you have to know exactly what value you can deliver to your clients that they would be willing to pay for. As long as you communicate that up front in your profile or messages, then you can stand out from the competition.

How do I know what value clients want?

You can do this by searching through job postings for the position on job platforms such as If you already have a target client in mind, you can also go to the forums and social media pages they join to learn about common problems in their industry.

What if I can’t provide that value?

Don’t rush. You can build your skills first through upskilling platforms such as Skillshare, where there are free and paid options. You can also watch instructional videos on Youtube and apply what you've learned to slowly build your skills.

What if I don’t have any experience yet?

You can always build your portfolio outside of work situations. For example, if you are an aspiring freelance SEO writer, then you can write 2 to 6 articles to start with. You can even browse through job posts to see what topics are popular.


To showcase that you know what you are doing, you can even explain your process. For the SEO writing example, you can explain what keyword you are targeting and how the article answers that keyword.


You can apply the same to other professions. If you’re a logo designer, make sample logos and explain the process of what makes the logo a perfect fit for a business concept. If you’re a landing page developer, make sample landing pages and explain why these pages will help clients convert visitors into paying clients.

There will always be a ‘value’ that is needed by clients. It’s up to you to find out what that is for your industry. And do whatever you have to do, whether it be to upskill or to build your portfolio, in order to communicate confidently that you can deliver that value to your potential clients.

Step 2: Make a shortlist of jobs that fit you

Armed with the ‘value’ that you can deliver, you can now browse through OLJ’s job board with a clear purpose: “To find clients that need that value from you”.

Remember to prioritize paid users. You can usually distinguish them because they have complete details and a business logo. You can also visit OLJ’s employer search page and input the employer or company name. The page will tell you if the employer is a paid user or not.

hired clients olj 2 - employer search

It’s okay to apply to some free users  on but keep your expectations low. Make sure to save the links to each of the job posts you’ve shortlisted so you can go back to them easily later.

You can check the article “Find Part-Time Jobs on Easy 6 Step Guide” for search keyword ideas. However, more often than not, the search terms will probably be industry-specific so it’s up to you to find out what those search terms are.

Step 3: Do research on your target client’s company

Aside from job posts, you can better understand your client’s needs by researching them outside of You can check their website and social media pages if there are any. This is also a healthy habit to have if you want to avoid online job scams.

You can use any information you find about the client later to write a personalized message when you apply on

For example, let’s say you want to apply as a social media manager. One of the places you should definitely research is the employer’s Facebook, Instagram, and other pages.


how to apply on and job application sample 1b

Let’s take the Remote Filipino Worker’s Facebook page as a sample. You’ll see that the number of likes isn’t very high. The engagement isn’t that good in their posts as well. 

As a social media manager, you can mention your observations and other stuff you’ve researched in your message on You can then tell the potential employer that they can hire you to help them meet their objective.

So, by doing your research, you now have a very targeted message that will increase your chances of getting hired.

Step 4: Update your profile based on your research

Once you have a better idea of the needs of your target clients, you can now customize your OLJ profile so that you can match their requirements. This is a very crucial step to get hired on

For a detailed guide on updating your profile, please see “How to Make a Winning Profile on in 9 Steps.”

Step 5: Prepare your resume and portfolio for sending

Aside from your profile, you also need to customize your resume and portfolio based on what you’ve learned about your client.

For example, if you are a freelance writer and you have a client that is a blog site owner, you can check what kinds of articles are on their website. Next, hand-pick some articles from your portfolio that will match the style or topic of their articles.


You can even create a pdf portfolio that mentions that you specifically made a curated showcase just for them. This will help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Once your resume and portfolio are ready, you need to prepare them for sending by uploading a pdf version of them into one of the free cloud storage services available.

If you are unfamiliar with using a cloud storage service to send files, please see the article “How to Attach Files on 4 Easy Steps” for a detailed guide.

Alternatively, if you have your own website that showcases your work, you can simply share that link with your target clients.

Step 6: Send a message to your target clients

To send a message to your target client, you need to go to their job post and click the ‘Apply for this Job’ button.

hired clients olj 3 - applyjob button

After clicking on the button, you’ll be taken to a page similar to below where you can type in a message for your target client.

hired clients olj 4b - message sample

There’s no single message template that can get you clients with a 100% success rate. However, shown above is an job application sample that you can follow to make an impactful message to your potential clients or employers.

This example of an appealing message can be broken down into 3 important parts. Namely:

  1. First, you need to highlight what ‘value’ they get from you in the subject of the message.
  2. Second, add a personalized introduction using the name of the job poster plus information from their website.
  3. Finally, add a link to a custom portfolio or resume that showcases the ‘value’ you can deliver to the client.

When crafting a custom message for your client, just remember that it’s not about you, it’s about them. It’s more important to send a well-matched application than a rushed insincere one.

The next thing you have to consider is how many Apply Points you will be using. You can indicate the amount in the textbox as illustrated below.

what are apply points on olj 2a

Apply Points are used on OLJ to indicate how serious you are in your job application. You earn 10 points a day and can hold up to a maximum of 60. The higher the points you send with your application, the more likely is will be visible to your potential employer.

For the best methods on how to use Apply Points, please see” What Are Apply Points on Complete Guide.”

Other Reminders:

  • Read the job post carefully before sending a message. Sometimes, they may require you to follow a specific format just so they know that you’ve properly read their post.
  • They may also require special files, such as a video resume, as part of the message you send them.
  • The client may also require you to fill up a form through an external link. Make sure to complete this first and send a confirmation to them as part of your message.
  • Don’t forget to add the links to your resume or portfolio. This is especially important if you are applying to free users who cannot reply to you until they subscribe to OLJ.
  • Lastly, proofread your message to avoid any embarrassing mistakes. Triple check the name since it’s the one that’s most important to get correct. You can then check for grammar or spelling errors through a free browser plugin like Grammarly.

Step 7: Prepare for the interview or exam

After getting a reply, what you need to do next is to prepare for the interview or exam. Every client has their own hiring process, so make sure to follow their instructions carefully so you don’t disqualify yourself.

Pro Tip: Test your webcam and mic before your interview to increase your chances of getting hired. Also, try to reduce the noise in your video call by using noise-cancelling equipment, such as the Logitech H340 noise-canceling headset.

A pleasant conversation with you can mean the difference between you getting hired over your competition. So, get every advantage you can get. This is especially important for voice-heavy jobs such as virtual assistants and cold callers.

If you also find that your webcam is lacking, there are many cheap, but decent options on online marketplaces. Though if your budget is tight, you can use your phone as a webcam instead.

best noise cancelling headsets philippines 24 (logitech h340)
Logitech H340 Wired Headset

Regardless if there’s an interview or not, you have to make sure that when you get hired, all of the job’s arrangements are clear to both parties, you and your client.

Here are some questions you should always ask your client:

  • What is the rate? How will you get paid?
  • What are the tasks involved in the job?
  • What tools or training are provided to complete the tasks properly?
  • What are their expectations regarding the results of the tasks?
  • How will the results be evaluated? Is there a feedback system in place?
  • What is the working schedule?
  • Will there be an onboarding process?
  • What will be the regular channel of communication?
  • What is the client’s management style?

While it’s important to match your client’s needs, you also have to remember that they need to match yours as well. Ultimately, it will be up to you if you will accept the job or not, so make sure not to shy away from asking as many relevant questions as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a job application on

You must view the details of a job posting before you can send a job application on At the top of every job post page, you will find the ‘Apply for This Job’ button. Just click on this button and it will take you to the page where you can send a message to the hiring company.

hired clients olj 3 - applyjob button

What do I put as a subject on an message?

The subject is the first thing that your potential employer or client will see when they get a message from you on If you’ve done your research beforehand, you should already know what value clients are looking for when they put up a job posting. So, as clearly as you can, tell them what value they can get when they hire you.

Here are some sample subjects you can use on for different professions:

1) SEO Writer – I can get your blog to the first page of Google

2) Social Media Graphic Designer – Helping you reconnect with your community

3) Virtual Assistant – Leave the admin tasks to me so you can focus on what’s important

4) Video Editor – Quality editing that gets you more views and followers

5) Cold Caller – Fluent & persuasive cold caller who can get you more sales

Of course, these are only examples of subjects that you can use for an message. You still have to customize them based on the research you’ve done on the client, as well as, the results you can deliver through your work.

I'm a student without any work experience. What do I do to improve my chances of getting hired?

Improving your chances of getting hired as a student with no work experience can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible. There are certain techniques or ‘diskarte’ that you can use since you don’t have any experience yet.

This includes using the ‘show, not tell’ technique to appeal to employers without the need to show your resume. For more details on this technique and other practical tips, you can check out “ for Students: Get Hired with No Experience“.

What should I do if I get ghosted or my application gets rejected?

Even the best-crafted applications can get ghosted or rejected. It’s a normal occurrence when you apply on or through other job platforms.

Sometimes it’s due to other factors, but most of the time you just don’t match with the client. When you get ghosted, you get no feedback at all so it’s important to just shake it off and move on.

When you get rejected, you might have a chance to get actual feedback. Try to get that valuable information as much as you can so that you can adjust your future applications as necessary. “Take no as a REDIRECTION, not a rejection.”

how to apply on and job application sample 2

After getting my first client, how do I get more clients?

Getting hired on is just the first step to a stable online career. That’s why you have to work with the mindset that your current clients will lead to more clients.

For example, if your project with them is done, you can ask them to recommend people that they might know who would require your services. Network as much as possible and always part with your clients on good terms. 

You should also look for clients outside of There are many alternatives to OLJ and you don’t want to be limited to just one platform. Getting clients is an especially important skill you need to learn if you plan to make freelancing as a career.

Next, always allot time to learn new skills that people would be willing to pay for. The skills you need to learn are different depending on your industry, so just do your research and ask around.

Lastly, don’t forget to invest in work-from-home equipment that keeps you from getting any health problems. Remember – it’s pointless to earn that online job money when it’s all going to your hospital fees!

One we particularly recommend is an ergonomic chair. The one we use, the Sihoo M57, is great for preventing back pain but it’s pretty expensive. It’s something we got after a few months of working but definitely worth the investment.

Since you’re just starting out, something like a laptop stand will be really helpful for your health. But not expensive enough to break the bank.

best work from home equipment philippines 20 (sihoo M57)
SIHOO M57 All Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

What's are the best payment methods on

Since does not have a built-in payment system within their platform, you can choose anything you want that is available on the web. The choices can get overwhelming fast.

For the best payment platforms for Filipinos, please see the article “How to Withdraw Your Money from to Your Bank“.

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