What Are Apply Points on Onlinejobs.ph? Complete Guide

Beginners to Onlinejobs.ph, or OLJ as it is popularly called, may be unfamiliar with the platform’s ‘Apply Points’ system. This system went live on Onlinejobs.ph towards the end of 2022.

But what exactly are Apply Points?

Jobseekers can use Apply Points on Onlinejobs.ph when sending job applications in order to differentiate themselves from the rest of the applicants and increase their chances of landing the job. You can customize the amount, from 1 to 60, to tell the employer how serious you are with your job application

Of course, Apply Points won’t guarantee that you’ll get the job. As mentioned before, it only tells your potential employer how serious you are. But it’s still up to the employer to check if you and your skills match their requirements.

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Similar to Upwork’s Connects, OLJ’s Apply Points try to solve the problem where job posts are receiving too many applicants. Now that job applicants need to use Apply Points, the platform hopes to reduce the spammy, copy-and-paste applications plaguing the online job marketplace.

But if not, at the very least, the employer should be able to easily sift through job applications based on the number of Apply Points on them. This platform also hopes that this will make earnest applicants become more visible to potential employers.

It also encourages job seekers like you to be much more mindful when sending job applications. Read the job post more carefully, customize your OLJ profile, and make sure you sell yourself well before you apply.

Where to Use Apply Points on Onlinejobs.ph

You can use your Apply Points on the same interface as the one where you send a message to your prospective employer. You can go to this page by clicking the ‘Apply for this Job’ button on any of the job posts on Onlinejobs.ph.

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At the moment, this is also the only place where you can check the number of points you have.

To use your points, you only need to type in the number of points you want to use in the textbox provided. In the example pictured above, 60 points were entered into the textbox to use the 60 available Apply Points for this job application.

How to Get Apply Points on Onlinejobs.ph

Each day, you’ll receive 10 Apply Points on your OLJ account automatically. If you don’t use your points, a maximum of 50 Apply Points can be carried over to the next day. With the 10 Apply Points you can earn on the next day, you can use up to 60 Apply Points on your job applications.

There are no other ways to earn Apply Points and there is no way to break through the current maximum limit. So, make sure to use your Apply Points strategically.

But what exactly is the best way to use your Apply Points?

The Best Ways to Use Your Apply Points on Onlinejobs.ph

Applying for online jobs is not a lottery but a matching game. Haphazardly sending mass applications to employers never worked anyway, so the Apply Points system shouldn’t affect the more discerning job applicant. In fact, you can even use it to your advantage.

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Here are two of the best methods of using OLJ’s Apply Points that you can use:

1. Apply Once a Week Using 60 Apply Points

Nowadays, Onlinejobs.ph is riddled with low-paying jobs ranging from 1 to 1.5 USD per hour. Not only is it a waste of time to visit the website daily, but it’s also now discouraged with the new Apply Points system. So, you can just come back to the website once a week once your points have accumulated.

This method is best for jobs that have higher skill requirements such as coding, designing, etc. Quality high-paying jobs from these industries don’t come often. So you don’t have to worry about missing out. In fact, employers are more likely to screen out applicants for these technical jobs due to the stringent requirements.

This is where the Apply Points you’ve accumulated will come into play. You can send a job application with the maximum number of Apply Points (60) and set yourself apart from the competition. You can also distribute your points over two job applications. 

By using this strategy alongside a customized message and portfolio, you’ll have a much higher chance of landing a job.

2. Apply Every 3-4 Days Using 30-40 Points

Accumulating points over 3-4 days and then using 30-40 Apply Points per application isn’t a bad strategy either. This method is best used for applying to online jobs for beginners.

Why? Despite entry-level jobs having a lot more applicants, it’s not as competitive as you think if you have the right skill set and attitude. To use this strategy well, you have to do your research on the industry you want to enter. From your research, you’ll learn what employers look for in terms of skills and qualities.

Using 30 Apply Points alongside a very targeted custom application is all you need to stand out from the massive number of copy-and-paste applications out there. Even if there are people who use 60 Apply Points, you’ll still be part of the shortlist of top applicants.

For a step-by-step guide on how you can improve your chances of getting hired on OLJ, please see “How to Apply on Onlinejobs.ph: Get Hired in 7 Steps”.

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Final Tip: Don’t Waste Your Apply Points on Non-Subscribed Employers

You should know that on Onlinejobs.ph, there are two kinds of employers allowed to post on the job marketplace. First, are free users. They can’t reply to you so don’t waste your Apply Points on them.

Second, are paid users. Only apply to job posts from verified paid users. You can check this by entering their name on Onlinejobs.ph’s employer search tool.

Lastly, some of you reading this might be desperate to get a job for various reasons. You can tweak the points down to 20 if you must and apply to more jobs. But as mentioned before, more applications don’t mean higher chances of getting a job.

Upgrading your skills, preparing your remote work equipment, and improving your portfolio may be a better use of your time. Also, sending out fewer applications is much better for your mental health.

But if you really must, then you should know that Onlinejobs.ph is not the only place where you can find legit online jobs. There are many Onlinejobs.ph alternatives, such as Upwork, Facebook, or Reddit, where you can find more employment opportunities.

In fact, you can find online jobs anywhere. You just have to know how to look for it.

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