Where to Hire Virtual Assistants from the Philippines

Are you looking to hire Filipino virtual assistants to help manage and grow your business? Filipino virtual assistants have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their unique combination of skills, experience, and affordability.

Everywhere from London to Silicon Valley, digital entrepreneurs have been delegating their more cumbersome tasks, such as administration and bookkeeping, to skilled Filipino VAs.

But if this is your first time hiring a Filipino VA, you might not have a good idea of where to look. In this guide, we’ve listed where to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines. So, you can compare all of your options.

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1) Virtualstaff.ph

Website: www.virtualstaff.ph

Type: Online Job Platform

Pricing: Free to Post Job Listings, from $99 Monthly Subscription to Unlock Key Hiring Features

Other Links:  LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Virtualstaff.ph exclusively caters to Filipino talent, eliminating the need for you to spend time sifting through candidates from various countries. They’ve streamlined the candidate search and recruitment process for your convenience.

Compared to other job sites, Virtualstaff.ph is less crowded, increasing the chances of your job listing standing out and gaining greater visibility. As long as you offer an appealing compensation package, you’re likely to attract high-quality Filipino virtual assistant candidates here.

Additionally, Virtualstaff.ph provides secure payment processing, efficient time tracking, and a range of beneficial features tailored to employers like yourself.

2) Onlinejobs.ph

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Website: onlinejobs.ph

Type: Online Job Platform

Pricing: Free to Post Job Listings, from $69 Monthly Subscription to Unlock Key Hiring Features

Other Links:  LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Onlinejobs.ph is basically a job board where employers like you can post jobs specifically for Filipino virtual workers. The platform uses a pretty straightforward process where you post the job details and Filipinos can then apply. However, messaging is limited to subscribed employers so it’s not free to use.

3) Athena Executive Assistants

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 3 (athena ea)

Website: https://www.athenago.com/

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Full-time VAs from USD 3000 per Month

Solutions: Executive Assistants, Calendar Management, Travel Management, Inbox Management, Research, Invoicing, Brand Management, Recruitment Support, Event Management, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Twitter

Athena’s proposition is simple. The VA agency will match you with the best of the best Philippine executive assistants you can find. These are multi-skilled professionals who can more likely than not, have the training to handle any virtual assistant task you throw at them. They also have back office staff available to support you with any concerns you might have.

Reviews for Athena Executive Assistants: N/A

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 3a (athena ea)

4) Bottleneck Distant Assistants

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 4 (bottleneck distant assistants)

Website: bottleneck.online

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: USD 500 Onboarding Fee + USD 1840 for Full-Time DDA

Solutions: Answering Client Inquiries, Creating System Workflows, Organizing Meetings, Preparing Presentations, Conducting Research, Managing Emails, Responding to Urgent Requests, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Bottleneck Distant Assistants heavily emphasizes the distinction between typical virtual assistants and their well-trained staff. Instead of using the term VA, they use ‘Dedicated Distant Assistants’ or DDA. Their DDAs have gone through a rigorous vetting process that ensures only quality candidates get recommended to you. Their DDA service also comes with dedicated HR management solutions.

Reviews for Bottleneck Distant Assistants: G2

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 4a (bottleneck distant assistants)

5) MultiplyMii

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 8 (multiplymii)

Website: multiplymii.com

Type: Headhunting VA Agency

Pricing: Custom Quote, One-Time Payment of 25% Annual Salary + USD 99 for Payroll & Admin

Solutions: Direct Hire, Talent Accelerator Program, Account Management, & Custom VA Solutions

Other Links: LinkedIn | Instagram

MultiplyMii is a headhunting VA agency that can help you hire Filipino VAs directly for a fee. They proudl declares that they hire, train, and retain the top 5% of talent in the Philippines.

They understand that each business has different requirements. So, they offer bespoke VA solutions depending on your specific needs. Of course, you might be hesitant since there are no upfront pricing terms on their website. That’s why it’s encouraged to view their free salary guide and book a no-obligation discovery call with them.

When you do hire from MultiplyMii, you’ll find that you have the option to have them onboard your VA for you through their Talent Accelerator Program. They also have value-add services such as payroll administration, contract management, etc. It really shows that they have a long-term commitment to their clients.

Reviews for MultiplyMii: Trustpilot

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 8a (multiplymii)

6) Support Shepherd​

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 12 (support shepherd)

Website: supportshepherd.com

Type: Headhunting VA Agency

Pricing: Custom Packages Based on Your VA Requirements

Solutions: Creative, Development, Customer Support, Sales, Executive Assistant, Operations, Finance, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Support Shepherd has a headhunting team based in the Philippines who have over 10+ years of experience in matching Filipino VAs with businesses in various industries. You can be assured to get quality talent from them.

They also have a salary guide on their website that you can use to estimate how much hiring a Filipino VA from them could cost. Just make sure you are ready with your list of VA requirements. Headhunting agencies like this need as much input from you as they can to find the perfect VA for you.

Reviews for Support Shepherd: N/A

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 12a (support shepherd)

7) Upwork

how to hire a virtual assistant philippines 3b

Website: www.upwork.com

Type: Online Job Platform

Pricing: 5% Client Marketplace Fee on All Payments to Your Employees

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Upwork is another job board but unlike Virtualstaff.ph and Onlinejobs.ph, Upwork is not limited to Filipino workers only. So, you’ll have to cleverly use its features, such as filters and search terms, to find a Filipino virtual assistant that matches your needs. What’s good about Upwork is that it has a lot of features that make it easier for you to work with, pay, and have a long-term business relationship with your Filipino VA. But you do have to pay a fee for it.

8) Hello Rache

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 6 (hello rache)

Website: hellorache.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Flat-rate pricing of USD 9.50/hour

Solutions: Virtual Scribe, Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Administrative Assistant, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Filipino nurses are in demand all over the world for the quality of care they provide. It’s no surprise then that Hello Rache created a VA agency employing Philippine-based nurses and paired them with healthcare clients globally. They help medical doctors, veterinarians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals run their businesses smoothly and also save time.

Reviews for Hello Rache: VirtualAssistantAssistant.com | VirtualAssistantReviewer.com

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 6a (hello rache)

9) Magic Virtual Assistant

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 7 (magic virtual assistant)

Website: getmagic.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Plans Starting from USD 1600 per Month

Solutions: Administrative Assistants, Data Entry, Research, Email Management, Project Management, Accounting Services, Sales, AI Services, Customer Support, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Magic Virtual Assistant is a VA agency that’s not afraid to embrace change. Not only do they offer the usual virtual assistant solutions, but they offer also human-centered AI services. So, if you are in a fast-paced ever-changing industry, then hiring their personnel might be a great option for you.

Reviews for Magic Virtual Assistant: Trustpilot | VirtualAssistantAssistant.com

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 7a (magic virtual assistant)

10) Cyberbacker

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 5 (cyberbacker)

Website: cyberbacker.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Starting from USD 1500/Month

Solutions: Social Media Management, Administrative, Digital Marketing, Calendar and Inbox Management, Real Estate VA, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Among Filipinos, Cyberbacker is the most well-known VA agency due to its aggressive marketing efforts. With a very aggressive recruitment drive, they became one of the largest VA agencies in the Philippines. They can definitely find you a VA quickly if that’s what you need, just don’t be in such a rush that you don’t vet your VA.

Reviews for Cyberbacker: Trustindex

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 5a (cyberbacker)

11) 7 Virtual Assistant Services

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 2 (7 virtual assistant services)

Website: https://www.7virtualassistantservices.com/

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Various Plans Starting from USD 199 per Month

Solutions: Administrative, Executive VA, Data Entry, Market Research, E-Commerce, Virtual Email & Chat Support, Travel Planning, Small Business Support Services, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

7 Virtual Assistant Services is a New York, NY-based virtual assistant company that also has offices based in the UK, Philippines, and India. They specialize in providing VA solutions for startups and small businesses. For budding entrepreneurs who just need some part-time VA assistance, they have a starter plan at only USD 199 a month.

Reviews for 7 Virtual Assistant Services: Facebook

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12) MyOutDesk

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 9 (myoutdesk)

Website: https://www.myoutdesk.com/

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Starts from USD 1998 per Month

Solutions: Administrative Assistant, Loan Processing, Real Estate ISA, Recruiting, Customer Service, Transaction Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Sales Development, Inside Sales, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Among the top Filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies, MyOutDesk is one of the pioneers. Boasting more than 15 years of service, they know the drill when it comes to finding you the right Filipino VA for your needs. Their tenure also means they have worked with clients from various industries, including real estate, finance, eCommerce, and even Biotech. So, you can be confident to know that they have the capabilities to match your requirements.

Reviews for MyOutDesk: Facebook | VirtualAssistantAssistant.com | VirtualAssistantReviewer.com

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 9a (myoutdesk)

13) Persona

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 10 (persona)

Website: personatalent.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Expected Cost: Custom VA Solutions & Prices

Solutions: Generalists, Startup Generalists, Administrative, Operations, Marketing, Accounting, Bookkeepers, Business Operations, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook

Persona is the VA hiring arm of Psychometric Inc, a Silicon Valley based software company that creates talent assessment tools. It’s no surprise then that they use these tools to screen VAs themselves and help you find the right talent for your company.

As a startup themselves, they know startups, and they know talent. They’re not strictly working only with Filipino VAs, but they can help you find a good match nonetheless.

Reviews for Persona: N/A

14) Pineapple Virtual Assistant Hub​

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 11 (pineapple virtual assistant hub)

Website: trypineapple.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Expected Cost: Starts from USD 8/hour

Solutions: Business VA, Multimedia VA, Legal VA, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn

If you’re looking for more specific types of virtual assistants, then Pineapple Virtual Assistant Hub may be one of the best Filipino virtual assistant agencies for you.

They specialize in recruiting, training, and onboarding Business, Multimedia, and Legal virtual assistants. They’re an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses since they have an upfront, manageable hourly rate.

Reviews for Pineapple Virtual Assistant Hub: N/A

15) SupportNinja

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 13 (supportninja)

Website: supportninja.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Fixed rate for each VA based on experience and skills. Ask for a rate card.

Solutions: Customer Success, Technical Support, Content Moderation, Data Processing, Professional Services, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

When it comes to scaling your business, SupportNinja says “Don’t grow it alone.” It’s that very important period when your business needs the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. So, use their expertise to your advantage.

They offer customized outsourcing solutions depending on your type of business and the type of talent you need. SupportNinja handles everything from vetting to onboarding so you can focus on your core business. As their website says, “Don’t let headcount become a headache” for you.

Reviews for SupportNinja: FeaturedCustomers.com | Sitejabber.com |

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 13a (supportninja)

16) TaskBullet

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 14 (taskbullet)

Website: taskbullet.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Buckets Starting from USD 220 for 20 VA Hours, Free Trial Available

Solutions: Administrative, Real Estate, Data Entry, Social Media, WordPress VA, Phone Answering, Marketing, Sales Assistant, Internet Research, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

If you’re not looking for a long-term virtual assistant, then TaskBullet’s packages, or buckets as the agency calls them, may be exactly what you need. You can go as low as USD 220 for 20 hours of Philippine virtual assistant services.

You aren’t billed monthly nor do you have to commit to a long-term contract. So, it’s perfect for testing the waters or if you just need temporary help when there are just too many things to do. You can stop when you want, and just as easily pick up where you left off.

Reviews for TaskBullet: VirtualAssistantAssistant.com | Trustpilot

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 14a (taskbullet)

17) VA Staffer

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 15 (vastaffer)

Website: vastaffer.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Dedicated Assistant Plan starts at USD 800/Month, Hourly plan at USD 298/Month, One-time setup fee of USD 497

Solutions: Admin Assistance, Data Entry & Research, Lead Generation, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Web Development, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Another VA agency that doesn’t tie you up into a long-term contract is VA Staffer and their packages are priced quite competitively. Though they don’t exactly promise top talent, you don’t need the best of the best for everything. Most of the time, you just need the best match. Their VAs can take the load off your busy workday. So, you can focus on the most important things in your business.

Reviews for VA Staffer: VirtualAssistantAssistant.com

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 15a (vastaffer)

18) Virtual Coworker

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 16 (virtual coworker)

Website: virtualcoworker.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Starts from USD 7/Hour for Junior VAs and up to USD 18/Hour for Expert VAs

Solutions: Administration Support, Sales & Marketing, Web Developers & Programmers, Finance & Accounting, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Twitter

With its strategically placed local offices, Virtual Coworker might be more accessible to wherever you’re business is located. They are among the best Filipino virtual assistant agencies that work with companies in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, and the UK. Not only that, but they have very accessible rates too.

Reviews for Virtual Coworker: VirtualAssistantAssistant.com

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top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 16a (virtual coworker)

19) Virtudesk

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 20 (virtudesk)

Website: https://www.myvirtudesk.com/

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Pricing: Starts from USD 9.55/Hour Depending on the Type of VA, Plus a USD 450 Setup Fee

Solutions: Administrative, Marketing, Prospecting/ISA, Customer Service, Transaction Coordinator, Executive Virtual Assistant, Time Block Service, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Virtudesk is one of the veteran VA agencies in the Philippines. With their experience, they managed to simplify the recruitment process for business owners like you. You only need to sign up, have an interview with VA candidates, and they will help you with the onboarding. It’s that simple.

Reviews for Virtudesk: VirtualAssistantAssistant.com

20) Remote CoWorker

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 21 (remote coworker)

Website: remotecoworker.com

Type: Virtual Assistant Agency

Expected Cost: Starts from USD 7.99/Hour, Bilingual Options Available

Solutions: Virtual Assistants, Bookkeeping, Real Estate, BPO, Customer Management, Sales, Development, Research & Data Entry, Marketing, etc.

Other Links: LinkedIn | Facebook | InstagramYouTube

Remote CoWorker is probably the most well-reviewed VA agency you can find on the web right now. You can find reviews from anyone from COOs to even a locksmith company owner. They work with businesses large and small and by the looks of it – their clients are happy to do so. But there’s no need to take our word for it, just check out the links to the reviews below.

Reviews for Remote CoWorker: Facebook | VirtualAssistantAssistant.com | Clutch.co | VirtualAssistantReviewer.com | Trustpilot | G2

Around the Web:

top filipino virtual assistant recruitment agencies 21a (remote coworker)

21) Facebook Groups

how to hire a virtual assistant philippines 3c

Type: Social Media

Pricing: Free

It’s no surprise that Facebook is one of the best places to recruit Filipino VAs due to the sheer popularity of the platform. There are many kinds of Facebook Groups that allow you to freely post jobs or ask for advice as long as you follow the group’s rules. In those Facebook Groups, you can attract quality Filipino Virtual Assistants based on your offer. Be prepared to be bombarded by applications and networking requests though.

Groups: Online Filipino Freelancers | Freelancers in the Philippines (FLIP) | Freelance Jobs Philippines

22) Reddit

how to hire a virtual assistant philippines 3d

Type: Social Media

Pricing: Free

Reddit is a popular platform for Filipinos who want to discuss their interests, so it’s also an excellent platform to place job hiring posts for a specifically Filipino audience. It’s free to use but a bit difficult to maneuver. For those unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s basically a forum-type of online platform where you can place a post, and wait for replies. But make sure to read each subreddit’s guidelines before you post to ensure it’s allowed.

Subreddits: r/classifiedsph | r/phclassifieds | r/onlineservicesPH

How to Find Filipino Virtual Assistants: 3 Popular Methods

Based on the list above, there are three popular methods to hire a Filipino virtual assistant. Each method offers its own set of advantages and considerations, allowing you to find the best fit for your specific needs and preferences. Here are the details of each method:

a) Partner with Filipino Virtual Assistant Recruitment Agencies

In this method, you don’t hire a Filipino virtual assistant directly. Instead, an agency assigns one of their in-house Filipino virtual assistants to work for you. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this method:

  • You don’t have to worry about the HR side of working with a Filipino VA. The agency will handle the time-consuming tasks, like screening and training of the VAs, so you can focus on your business. They also handle tax and benefit processing which can be a total headache.
  • Hiring Filipino VAs from agencies is usually more expensive. The value-add services provided by VA agencies definitely makes working with them worth it. But in the long run, it’s cheaper to go direct since you can save on the middleman’s fee.
  • It’s harder to build company loyalty. At the end of the day, the VA is working for that agency and not directly for you. You are just one of possibly many clients. So, your work together might stay transactional in nature.
  • Poaching a VA from an agency is frowned upon. Even if you offer to hire them directly, the VA may hesitate due to a possible breach of contract with their agency.

b) Hire Directly by Yourself

In this method, you use the various online platforms to connect with Filipino virtual assistants. These platforms include job websites, like Onlinejobs.ph or Upwork, or social media pages, like Facebook Groups or Reddit. Here are the pros and cons of this method:

  • You have more control when hiring a Filipino VA directly. When you hire a virtual assistant directly, it’s up to you to decide the work arrangements. This includes everything from how much you pay your Filipino VA to how big their responsibility is in your company.
  • Hiring a Filipino VA directly is more cost-effective. Agencies charge a fee for their value-add services. This is a fee that you can totally avoid by going direct. You can even use what you saved to pay your VA better. So, you can build loyalty to your company.
  • But going direct is not recommended for beginners. Navigating the nuances involved in hiring a Filipino VA directly isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to place your VA job post in the right places, pick out the good applicants from the bad, and train your new VA for the task at hand. You can potentially be wasting time and money if you don’t find the right candidate.

c) Work with a Headhunting Agency for Filipino Virtual Assistants

This method is a mix of the two previous methods. Headhunting agencies can pool, screen, and train Filipino VAs for you so you don’t have to. But at the same time, the VA will work directly for you and not for the agency. Here’s the low-down on this method:

  • You have an ample amount of control in the hiring process. Headhunting agencies will usually sit down and have a talk with you to discuss your specific requirements. So, as long as you have an idea of what kind of VA you have in mind, then you can influence the hiring process as per your needs.
  • You can outsource the HR stuff to the agency. Yes, despite the VA working directly with you, the agency can still handle the salary disbursement, taxes, and benefits processing for you. Of course, this does come at a fee. But, it’s still an appealing option if you don’t have the time for it.
  • Higher initial cost. Compared to working with regular VA agencies, headhunting agencies typically charge quite an initial sum to start the recruitment process for you. This is because it’s a customized recruitment effort based on the kind of Filipino VA you want for your company.
how to hire a virtual assistant philippines 5

How much does it cost to hire a Filipino virtual assistant?

There’s a huge difference in the cost of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant depending on the method that you use. VA agencies typically charge a higher fee but remove the burden of recruitment from you. Meanwhile, hiring directly is usually cheaper. But you’d have to put in the time of vetting your candidates. For a detailed guide, please see “How Much to Pay Filipino Virtual Assistants”.

Can I hire the Filipino VA directly after going through an agency?

Most Philippine virtual assistant companies don’t allow you to poach the VAs they have employed at their company. It’s possible for your company to be blacklisted if they find out.

Note that there’s usually a clause in the Filipino VA’s contract with the agency that will cost them some pretty hefty fines. So, they are usually discouraged to leave the VA agency for their clients. But if their contract with the agency is done, then there’s no reason not to hire the Filipino VA directly.

That said, there are some VA agencies, such as MultiplyMii or Support Shepherd, that provide headhunting services instead. They can do the applicant screening process for you for a fee. And then, you can hire the Filipino VA directly without worries of any conflict.

how to hire a virtual assistant philippines 7

Can I hire Filipino virtual assistants without going through a VA agency?

Yes, you can hire Filipino virtual assistants directly by posting the job details on social media, such as Reddit or Facebook, and online job marketplaces, like Onlinejobs.ph and Upwork.

This method actually gives you more control over your working arrangement with your Filipino VA. It’s up to you to decide the Filipino virtual assistant salary, what method you use to pay your VA, and anything else that’s necessary for your business.

That said, the direct hiring method does have its own disadvantages. For one, you have to do the applicant screening yourself. This can be very time-consuming and frustrating especially if it’s your first time doing it. But potentially, it can all be worth it since you can save on costs by cutting out the middleman’s fees.

Is it worth it to hire a Filipino VA from smaller and lesser-known agencies?

Sure. Smaller Philippine VA agencies can provide you with more detailed and personalized attention that you might not be able to get from the big companies. They will also be more appreciative of any business that you can bring them, regardless of how many Filipino VAs you hire.

Just remember that when dealing with smaller VA agencies, never skip doing your research on them. Not only do you have to check that they are legitimate, but also their capabilities in providing you with quality VA candidates. It’s important to do your due diligence to prevent any future problems.

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